Gifted Education

  • National Association for Gifted Children LogoThe Anchorage School District Gifted Program provides services for students identified as academically or intellectually gifted. Research shows that gifted students need to spend time with their academic peers. They need to be challenged with curriculum that is complex and has depth. 

    Belief Statement

    The Anchorage School District Gifted Program Department is dedicated to making schools the best learning environment possible for every student, paying special attention to those students, who because of advanced academic capabilities and talents, require services beyond the regular classroom. We have adopted the standards of the National Association for Gifted Children and believe:

    • That gifted behaviors should be nurtured,
    • That gifted programs should accommodate individual achievement differences,
    • That students should have opportunities to demonstrate gifted behaviors,
    • That enrichment opportunities should be offered both within and outside the curriculum,
    • That students should have the opportunity to investigate topics of their own interest,
    • And that gifted programs should be developmentally appropriate.

    Image of a single tree on a short hill with puffy clouds above. The Gifted Program offers a variety of services to students in grades K-12. The program employs 56 certificated teachers with special training in gifted education. There are over 3,200 students enrolled in the Gifted Program yearly. The Program strives to be flexible and visionary in its focus both in order to meet the needs of identified students and to make some services available to all students. We realize that by raising the academic levels in the schools, all students benefit. 


    For more information, please visit the Anchorage School District Gifted Program.