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    Math 7 - 8 Curriculum

    Math 7 - 8: A two-year pre-algebra class with an inquiry-based hands-on approach to learning using Big Ideas. Students will practice and improve their number sense, measure sense and estimation skills, review and extend their arithmetic, calculator, and thinking skills by working with fractions, decimals, percents, large and small numbers and negative numbers. Students will study variables, expressions, equations, multiple representations of data, and other algebra topics. Students will extend their understanding of geometry, including transformations and 2 and 3 dimensional figures, and their knowledge of probability and statistics. They will investigate the uses of mathematics outside the classroom. 

    Successful completion of Math 7 and Math 8 will prepare a student to take Algebra in high school. 

    Pre-Algebra is designed to prepare seventh grade students for success in Algebra I. The emphasis will be on continued development of pattern recognition, computational skills, elementary algebra topics, geometric relationships, problem solving and the use of technology. Students will extend their knowledge of probability and statistics and analyze data to make decisions and defend conclusions. 

    Algebra I: A one-year high school level algebra class using Algebra 1, An Integrated Approach published by McDougal Littell (1991, 1994). Students will review and extend their knowledge of problem solving, data analysis, and the use of technology (i.e., scientific calculator, graphing calculator, and computer). They will extend their knowledge of the theory, use and understanding of the fundamental operations to real numbers. Students will learn to express quantitative statements in the language of algebra, solve equations and inequalities, use rational expressions in equations, graph using the coordinate plane, perform operations with polynomials and irrational numbers, and solve quadratic equations. They will use their mathematical knowledge to solve problems. 

    Prerequisites: A or B in Pre-Algebra in Grade 7 

    Algebra II: This course includes problem solving, data analysis, the use of technology (i.e., graphing calculator, computer), basic operations with polynomials, solving equations and inequalities, sequences and series, relations and functions, systems of equations in two and three variables, understanding and operations with matrices, irrational and complex numbers through the solution of quadratic functions and polynomial functions of higher than first degree, use and evaluation of the Euler number, and an introduction to logarithms. To receive high school credit for this course being taken in Middle School, the student must earn a grade of C or better. 

    Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in Algebra I and Geometry or consent of previous mathematics instructor and/or math department chairperson. The prerequisite for the second semester of Algebra II is the successful completion of the first semester or consent of instructor and/or math department chairperson.

    Geometry: A one-year high school level geometry class using Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge published by McDougal Littell (1993). This course covers the study of plane and three dimensional geometry. There is an emphasis on clarity and precision of language and the logical development of geometric principles in deductive reasoning and proof. This will include work with points, lines, planes, angles, congruent triangles, circles, polygons and transformations. 

    Prerequisites: A or B in Algebra I in Grade 7 

    Math Support provides assistance to students who want to strengthen their foundation in 7th grade math.