Application and Admission to Program

  • How are students accepted into AMCS? Lottery? First, registered? Grades?

    Currently, the program is not using a lottery system.  The program has approximately 500 seats (total) so we are screening student’s applications for college readiness and program prerequisites:

    1. Junior or Senior
    2. Academic Preparedness
      • HS GPA of 2.5 or higher
    3. Placements scores in either or both
      • Writing: Accuplacer ≥ 530
      • Math: ALEKS ≥ 30
    4. Readiness for college environment and independence
      • Maintaining a strong attendance record and
      • Demonstrates maturity, responsibility, and independence.


    If I have already taken an ALEKS placement test at my high school, can I use this for the application?

    No, both placement tests must be completed with your UAA ID number.


     How many times can I retake the Accuplacer?

    Twice in a semester.


    If you graduate high school early, can you still be enrolled in AMCS?

         No.  Students should delay graduation and join AMCS which allows students to benefit from this program.  See your counselor for more information.


    If I started the application process last year and we got a UAA ID, can we use that still or do we need to start over?

         Yes, you can use your UAA ID but you will need to complete the AMCS application and possibly the placement tests again.


    Do I need to take the SAT before applying?  Can I use SAT/ACT scores instead of taking Accuplacer?

    No, you do not need to take SAT before applying.  However, SAT scores, if appropriate scores, can place the student into a course.  The student would not need to take the Accuplacer placement test.  Students are encouraged to speak with their UAA advisor to determine if the SAT score is appropriate for placement into college courses.




    If you do not achieve the scores needed for either the Accuplacer or the ALEKS tests, will you NOT be accepted into AMCS?

    AMCS program requires the student to place into either college WRTG or Math.  Unfortunately, not placing in either of these courses, will disqualify the student from participating in the program for that semester.  However, if the student places into one of the college courses, they qualify for the program. The student would take the college course while taking an AMCS course for the other area that needs improvement. At the end of the semester, the student will retake the placement test.


    Can you test out of any college course?

    Yes, there are opportunities under Local Credit by Examination.  The cost of these exams is not covered by ASD.


    How many students does the program accept each year?

    In fall 2020, AMCS welcomed 179 new students into the program and the program capacity is approximately 500 students.


    If I attend a private school, do I need to apply to an ASD school before applying for AMCS?

    No, a student may complete the AMCS application process but must enroll in ASD-AMCS before the semester he/she is entering the program.