Graduation and Attending College Out-of-State

  • If someone goes to AMCS, would they be considered a transfer or new student when they go out of state when they graduate?

    Students planning to attend colleges out-of-state will transfer in as new or first-time students for their first semester if they have not received a college certificate or degree.  Students who have a conferred college degree or certificate are considered transfer students.


    How transferable are the college credits that students earn outside of UA?

    Most of the general education courses are transferable; however, the ultimate decision of what transfers outside of the UA system lies with the institution the student plans to attend.  Students are encouraged to contact the college and speak with an admission counselor to determine what UAA course might satisfy a degree requirement.


    Can AMCS students walk in the graduation ceremony at their affiliate school?

    Yes. Students will earn an ASD high school diploma from AMCS. Students will commence in the AMCS graduation and may also participate in their affiliate high school graduation as per ASD specifications.