Affiliate Schools (Neighborhood or Boundary School)

  • Can AMCS students take a course at their affiliate school?

    Yes, students may request to take one course at their affiliate school.


    Can I take a King Tech High School course?



    Does the neighborhood/affiliate high school have to let you take a single course?  And if so, are you waitlisted behind all the regular enrolled students?

    The affiliate school does not have to accept a single course enrollment. AMCS students are waitlisted until all their students have been placed in courses.


    Can AMCS students participate in the athletics programs at their affiliate school?

    Yes. Students can participate in a sports program with their affiliate schools. All ASAA eligibility requirements still apply. If a student is interested in participating in athletics, they should discuss their intent during the meeting with their AMCS UAA academic advisor and the AMCS school counselor, so they are not scheduled in late afternoon classes. Athletic eligibility for AMCS students will only be determined in the semester. Eligibility cannot be changed at quarter due to grades because college courses do not have equivalent quarter grades. 


     Can AMCS students attend dances at their affiliate school?

    Yes. AMCS students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at their affiliate schools. In addition to being issued a UAA Wolf Card, each AMCS student will be issued an AMCS ID card with their affiliate school listed.


    Can you attend your advisory class at your current ASD school? Can you take all UAA offered courses? 

    Students must attend AMCS advisory classes but can also work with the ASD counselor to enroll in an advisory class at their affiliate school.


    Can AMCS students attend sports competitions at their affiliate school?

    Yes. AMCS students should also be allowed to purchase an activity sticker from their affiliate school. 


    Can AMCS students receive academic awards or honor graduation recognition from their affiliate school?

    No. These recognitions will be awarded through AMCS. Similarly, AMCS students should not be included in valedictorian or salutatorian running at their affiliate school.  


    Can AMCS students qualify for the UA Scholars program at their affiliate school?

    It depends. If they attend their affiliate school as a junior and fall within the top 10% of their class, they should be included when reporting to the UA Scholars program at the end of the school year. If they attend AMCS as a junior and qualify amongst their AMCS cohort, they will be included in the submission form for AMCS.