General Program Information and Statistics

  • How does AMCS help us prepare for college?

    Students will take college courses with the support of AMCS teachers, the AMCS counselor and the UAA advisor to help students acclimate to the college setting while earning college credits.


    How many students come in as juniors vs seniors?

    Most students entering the fall semester are juniors.  Fall 2020, AMCS admitted 179 students with 66 or 37 percent of the students holding junior status.


    How many students attend AMCS?

    Spring 2021 total enrollment is 279 students.


    What is the difference between UAA and AMCS?

    UAA is a college and AMCS is a high school in the Anchorage School District that has partnered with UAA. The two schools work together so that students can earn college credits while meeting the graduation requirements for their high school diploma.


    Can students qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship?



    Can AMCS help me graduate early from high school?

    Yes.  For every semester college course, you will receive one credit.  We recommend not graduating from high school and continue to take college courses until you graduate as scheduled.