Cost to Participate in AMCS

  •  Do AMCS students have to pay for college tuition or textbooks?

    It depends.  ASD covers these costs for most General Education Requirements (GERs) during the Fall and Spring semesters.  A list of approved UAA courses will be provided to students before registering for classes.  Students can meet all ASD graduation requirements and potentially earn an Associate’s Degree or certificate through the approved list of courses. Based on academic needs, additional courses may be petitioned to the AMCS principal.


    Students can opt to register for classes, not on the approved list; however, the student will be responsible for the course tuition and any associated textbooks.  Registering for non-approved courses must be done in consultation with the AMCS counselor and the UAA Academic Advisor.


    Students can also enroll in summer classes at UAA but will be financially responsible for tuition, books, and fees. 


    Can AMCS students take evening classes?

    Yes, if the student meets the minimum placement requirements.