AMCS & High School Diploma Requirements

  • How does AMCS determine if a student is enrolled full-time?

    To answer this question, it is important to understand how credits are applied to a student’s transcript at the end of a semester:

    • Students earn .5 credit each semester for completing a high school course.
    • Students earn 1.0 credit each semester for completing a 3-credit college course because it is equivalent to a yearlong high school course.


    A high school student enrolled in six semester-long classes, or three, 3- credit college classes are considered full-time. Many AMCS students will take a blend of college and high school classes.  They will be considered full-time if they are enrolled in a combination of classes totaling 3.0 credits for the semester. It is especially important to understand that, under ASAA eligibility rules, an athlete must be enrolled in the equivalent of five semester-long classes (2.5 credits) to maintain athletic eligibility; seniors in good academic standing must be enrolled in four (2.0 credits).  


    How do students at AMCS complete their physical education requirements for high school?

    Students have several options to complete PE requirements. ASD requires 1.5 credits of PE. AMCS students can take online Apex Health or PE during the school year through ASD Virtual, enroll in a PE course at their affiliate school, and earn .25 PE waivers for each season of a sport they complete. ASD does not cover the tuition/fees for UAA PE classes; however, students have the option to enroll in UAA PE classes to earn high school PE credit at their family's expense. 


    If you do a sport or participate in ROTC does it count towards PE credits?

    Participation in a high school sport and some of ROTC can count towards PE credits.  See your ASD counselor.


    If you pass all of your classes and do everything you're supposed to in your first (Junior) year of AMCS, do you have to retake any of the tests to continue at AMCS your senior year, or will you just automatically move forward?

    You are automatically moved forward to the next academic year.


    What are advisories and where are they located?

    AMCS requires students to enroll in a language art advisory the first semester they take a college writing course and a math advisory the first semester they take a college math course. AMCS high school teachers teach advisories, which are worth .5 high school elective credits.  Advisories are a pass/fail grade and should not add to a student's workload but rather support their college coursework.


    Students in advisory will get support in understanding their syllabus and class expectations and can receive feedback on their written work and assistance with understanding new concepts.


    High school classes and advisories will be located on the King Tech High School campus. Classrooms will be listed with class schedules on Student/Parent Connect.