Courses, Schedules, Transcripts, Grades, and Seals

  •  How late in the day do classes run until?

    ASD classes run from 7:30 am-2:00 pm while UAA classes start as early as 7 am and end around 10 pm.  UAA also offers courses during the weekend.


    Can a student be enrolled in King Tech and AMCS as well as their school?

    Yes.  The student enrolls as a full-time student in the AMCS program.  Working with the ASD counselor student would determine if the King Tech courses fit into his/her schedule.  Students are allowed one single course enrollment with their affiliate school.


    Are ASD students in regular UAA courses with all UAA students?

    Yes.  AMCS students will attend courses that are published in the UAA class schedule.  UAA does not offer classes for just ASD students.  The purpose of this program is to assist students in the college environment.


    Are classes at AMCS in person (when it is not COVID)?

    Before COVID, courses were all taught in person. Currently, we are returning to in-person instruction, but we will also be incorporating blended courses that will use both online and in-person learning when appropriate.


    Since some classes will be offered online due to covid, will they have to make that choice ahead of time, or can they come into class one day and the next do the class online?

    Both UAA and ASD will determine if the course will be delivered in person, online, or a combination of the two. UAA course schedule and your advisor/counselor can help students in determining how a course will be delivered before enrolling in a class.  Once enrolled, the student is required to participate and attend the course as indicated in the class schedule. 


    Can students choose to take only online classes?

    When available, students may take all online courses; however, students must discuss this with their UAA advisor in detail as most college courses require independence, time management, and discipline skills.


    When enrolled in UAA classes, do you go to different parts of the campus?



    Does FERPA prevent our professors from talking directly with our parents?

    No.  FERPA ensures the student information is protected.  Students can give permission for UAA staff and faculty to share their information with their parents through the completion of a Release of Information Form.  Please note, FERPA does not require a professor to speak with parents. Many professors are willing to have conversations with parents but there are a few who wish to communicate directly with the student.


    How do I know what classes to take?

    You will work with the AMCS counselor and UAA advisor to select courses that meet your high school diploma requirements and your career/academic pathway.


    Do we get to choose whether we take virtual or in-person classes?

    Students will be able to choose classes; however, students must choose based on what UAA and ASD are offering and in which delivery method, online or face-to-face.  Both entities are working hard to offer both delivery methods but can guarantee that both will be offered in the same semester.  A class might be taught online in the fall while the face-to-face will be taught in the spring.


    When do AMCS students receive their complete schedule (high school and college)?

    For Fall Semester: In early August, the AMCS counselor reviews all college schedules and adds any needed AMCS high school classes/advisories. High school schedules will be viewable on Student/Parent Connect by Orientation Week. College schedules are viewable on UAOnline once students complete their course registration. 


    For Spring Semester: After students, complete college advising and final grades are posted, the AMCS counselor will review all college schedules and add any needed high school classes/advisories. High school schedules will be viewable on Student/Parent Connect during the first week back from winter break. College schedules are viewable on UAOnline once students complete their course registration. 


    When scheduling AMCS high school classes and advisories, several things are considered: the most sense in the student’s schedule and needs, the high school teachers’ class schedules, class sizes, and student’s requests. Sometimes students will have unscheduled time in their schedule between classes. Even though most AMCS students will not be scheduled in classes Monday-Friday for full days, as they would be in a traditional high school, students should expect that the amount of time required to complete their schoolwork will not decrease. Thus, students are encouraged to make the best use of unscheduled time (studying, working on assignments, getting assistance, eating lunch, etc.).


    How can I find where my college classes are located?

    Students can find their college course schedule and class locations through their UAOnline account. 


    Will any of these classes be counted as a class that is a requirement for the IB degree West High offers?

       Students and parents will need to consult with the IB coordinator/counselor at West High School.


    Can my student take half AMCS and ASD classes?

    Usually, a student will have a combination of college and ASD courses. Some students will have three colleges and one HS course while others might have one college and four HS courses.  All depends on the student’s placement scores and other commitments outside of this program.


    What is the maximum number of classes a student can take at UAA per semester?

    Students usually take between 2-4 courses in their first semester and based on performance, the student may opt to take an additional course the next semester. UAA allows students to enroll up to 19 credits per semester without academic approval.  However, AMCS students will need the principal’s approval to enroll in 16 or more credits per semester.


    Can a student just start the program with one class?

    Yes, as long as the student is enrolled full-time in the program. Therefore, the student will need to be enrolled in four high school courses along with one college course.


    Are college courses weighted?

    No. College courses do not have extra weight in GPA calculations. 


    Are there any AP credits associated with or available in the AMCS program?

    No.  AMCS utilizes UAA courses; however, students may take AP courses as a single course enrollment at their affiliate high school.  Students need to speak with an ASD counselor.


    If you have taken two years of high school language are you automatically put into the second level?

    No.  UAA requests the student enroll in the 100-level course and then requests the student make an appointment with the language department to have an assessment of proficiency in the language.  If the skills are appropriate, the department will approve enrollment in the 200-level course.


    Does the AMCS program accept International Student Exchange students?

    No.  International Exchange Students are not eligible to enroll at AMCS.


    Will Q reflect mid-quarter grades or only final grades?

         Q will only reflect the course's final grade.


    Do UAA courses affect my GPA?

    Yes.  The grade you receive in a college course will be entered on your high school transcript and used to calculate the GPA.


    Do AMCS students have UAA transcripts as well as ASD high school transcripts?

    Yes. AMCS students build a UAA college transcript at the same time as their high school transcript. UAA grades will be posted on their college transcript. At the end of each semester, college grades will be posted to the student's high school transcript. 


    How transferable are the college credits that students earn outside of UA?

    Most of the general education courses are transferable; however, the ultimate decision regarding what transfers outside of UA system lies with the institution the student plans attend.  Students are encouraged to contact the college and speak with an admission counselor to determine what UAA course(s) might satisfy a degree requirement.


    Can AMCS students earn a Seal of Biliteracy?

    Yes. Seniors should complete the Seal of Biliteracy application Students will need to take the STAMP test during their junior or senior year to qualify. If students are not in a world language class at their affiliate school, they will need to coordinate with the affiliate school to register for the STAMP test. 


    Can a student repeat a university course if they are unhappy with the final grade?

    It depends.  If a student receives a D or F in a college course, the district will cover the student's tuition cost to repeat the course one more time.  After that, if a student does not make a passing grade of C or higher, they may repeat the course at the student's own expense.  If a student receives a grade of C or higher in a college course, the district will not cover the student's tuition cost to retake the course.  In this situation, the student must cover the cost if he or she wishes to retake the course for grade improvement. 


    Can a student retake a class he or she withdrew from in the previous semester?

    It depends.  Students should first meet with both their AMCS high school counselor and UAA academic advisor to discuss their reasons for the withdrawal.  If a student withdraws from a class because of a low grade, he or she will be allowed to retake the course one more time, and the district will cover the cost of tuition.  After withdrawing from the same course twice, the student must cover the tuition cost if he or she chooses to retake the course a third time.  If a student chooses to withdraw from a course in which he or she is passing with a grade of C or higher, he or she may be required to cover the cost of tuition for that course unless there are extenuating circumstances outside of the student's control.


    How many UAA credits does a student need to take a semester to graduate in two years with an AA? Do they have to take summer classes to do so?

    The AA degree requires 60 credits.  Based on a student entering the program their junior year and attending through their senior year, the student must take 15 credits per semester or plan to take University courses during the summer.  ASD does not pay for summer classes so students will need to pay for all expenses associated with a summer schedule.


    Can AMCS students do summer school?

    AMCS students can enroll in ASD's summer school following ASD’s policies and procedures. Students can also enroll in summer classes at UAA but will be financially responsible for tuition, books, and fees. 


    If you pass all your classes and do everything, you are supposed to in your first (Junior) year of AMCS, do you have to retake any of the tests to continue at AMCS your senior year, or will you just automatically move forward?

    Students are automatically moved forward unless the student opts to leave the program.  The student will need to notify the AMCS registrar of his/her intention to transfer to another school or out of the district.