• West High School Guidelines


    Welcome to West…

    On behalf of the faculty and staff, it is our pleasure to welcome you to West Anchorage High School and to introduce you to our student handbook. You are entering a school with a history of excellence which has been achieved by dedicated and talented students. This excellence will continue only as long as the same devotion and dedication continues. We hope this year will be educationally rewarding and enjoyable for all. You are encouraged to take advantage of the services available to you. West Anchorage High School has something to offer everyone, so participate and help make this your greatest year ever!

    The West High Faculty and Staff


    On the Anchor

    On the Anchor,
    Hail old Westside High.
    Loyal hearts forever praise thee,
    Loud the chorus rings
    Rah, Rah, Rah!
    On the Anchor,
    On the Anchor,
    Echoes to the sky.
    Hail fellows, ever hail
    Old Westside High.


    West High School is an institution founded and staffed for the purpose of educating students. With this purpose in mind, it becomes necessary to set standards of acceptable behavior.  In the event that some offenses are not specifically addressed in this document, the decorum issues discussed herein should serve as guidelines to determine the appropriate sanctions.

Student Services