Chugiak High School World Discovery Seminar Freshman Class Moose Harvest

  • Due to the graphic nature of this classroom experience, viewer discretion is advised.

Harvest Information

  • On Monday, December 4th, our students from Chugiak High School started their day with a message from Evon Peters.  


    Evon is an Alaska Native leader originally from Arctic Village who shared his experiences and cultural traditions of honoring an animal’s life and sacrifice. Our students learned the importance of showing respect for such a life and the energy it will provide for those it feeds.  


    After the conversation, the students then proceeded to field dress a bull moose that was harvested by Biology teacher Brian Mason via an educational harvest permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


    This incredible and uniquely Alaskan hands-on experience was organized by Chugiak High School’s Alaska Strong Coordinator, Ralph Elook, and Indigenous Education Student Support Specialist, Crystal Wendell.


    The Anchorage School District (ASD) thanks our community for supporting culturally responsive student learning.