Credit by Choice

  • The Credit by Choice Program is designed to give students the opportunity to choose enriching learning experiences tailored to their personal educational needs and to have them recorded on their high school transcript. This program is open to high school students currently enrolled in the Anchorage School District.


    An overview of each program option is given below. Details of requirements for each program are attached. While the Curriculum Assistant Principal and Counselors can respond to questions, it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO WORK INDEPENDENTLY TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION AND CARRY OUT A PROGRAM ACCORDING TO THE PRESCRIBED GUIDELINES.


  • General Guidelines


    1. Students proposing a Credit by Choice (CBC) Program must have prior written approval of their parents and the Principal.
    2. A certificated staff person must sponsor and/or supervise the student’s program. In the case of the waiver, this will be the
    3. ASD is the accrediting institution and sets standards for issuing credit/waivers. ASD is not the sponsoring agency for off-campus programs and is not responsible for the student’s personal or financial liability. Program expense is the responsibility of the
    4. CBC courses will be titled as such on the student’s transcript. Programs 1 (Educational Travel) and 6 (Community Service/Field Study) may only be taken for elective credit/waiver. Specific curriculum area credit will be recorded for Programs 2 (Correspondence Course), 3 (College Course Work), 4 (Early College Admissions Program), and 5 (Credit by Examination). Credit by Examination may not be done for Physical Education
    5. Since CBC registration is recorded only upon program completion, CBC is not a course that can be included for calculating eligibility for full-time student
    6. The grade received will be incorporated into the student’s high school grade point average (GPA) and will be counted to determine class rank and valedictorian. When computing valedictorian status, the ratio of weighted advanced placement to regular graded classes is significant.

    Program No. 1 – Educational Travel

    Credit may be earned for a planned learning experience gained through participation in a travel/study tour. The Curriculum Assistant Principal must approve both the specific tour and teacher/sponsor before students may apply. Questions concerning specific credit requirements during travel/study tours should be directed to the teacher/sponsor.

    • A three-week tour program is eligible for 0.5 unit of credit and a six-week program may earn 1.0 unit of credit
    • Travel supervisors must submit a completed application with supporting materials to the Curriculum Assistant Principal for approval by April 15. Proposals must outline the type of educational travel, travel supervisor's name, past experience with student travel, name of sponsoring company/affiliation, dates of departure and return, estimated number of student participants, goals and objectives, proposed itinerary, evaluation criteria, information on liability/medical coverage for participants, parent information forms and copies of releases. Forward a copy of the approved "Request for Out-Of-District Travel" (form J – available from the Activities Office), taking care to specify names of sponsors/chaperones.
    • A student desiring credit for approved educational travel must complete the Credit by Choice application and submit it to the Curriculum Assistant Principal in advance of the trip. Upon completion of the travel, the supervisor must provide the Curriculum Assistant Principal with grade reports and submit supporting grade book and legend to the Registrar.

    Program No. 2 – Correspondence Course

    The purpose of the correspondence is to meet special needs of students as approved by the school administration. Paramount consideration will be given to the student’s record in completing independent studies. To be approved, correspondence programs must be accredited. Courses must be proctored by certificated staff.

    • As of August 2008, approved correspondence programs include: University of Nebraska, University of North Dakota and Brigham Young University, and the Native Heritage Center Advanced Academics. Others may be considered upon request. Application for approval of other programs may be done through the Curriculum Assistant Principal
    • Correspondence courses may be used for both makeup and acceleration
    • A copy of the correspondence school application must accompany the Credit by Choice application and must be received by the Curriculum Assistant Principal prior to the beginning of the course
    • Upon completion, the student must submit proof of grade to the Curriculum Assistant Principal

    Program No. 3 – College Course Work

    This program is designed to give eligible students currently enrolled in the Anchorage School District the opportunity to receive credit for certain courses through accredited institutions of higher education. The course should correlate with the career needs of the individual. Students must submit applications within two weeks after the beginning of the class. Students completing college coursework will receive high school credit as follows:

    • 5 high school credit for a one (1) or two (2) semester hour college course
    • 0 high school credit for a three (3) or four (4) semester hour college course
    • 5 high school credit for a five (5) or six (6) semester hour college course.

    When the student has completed their college coursework, they must submit proof of grade to the Curriculum Assistant Principal.

    Program No. 4 – Early College Admissions Program

    This program would allow outstanding students with a grade point average of 3.5 or above to leave high school for college work prior to having the time and credits for graduation. The student would have the option of receiving his/her high school diploma after successfully completing the first year of college. ASD graduation requirements must be met in order to receive a high school diploma. The program would serve the student who has made definite plans for master and doctoral work.

    • To be considered, a student must have maintained at least a 5 GPA during the first three years of high school and all required grade level courses must have been completed prior to application for this Credit by Choice program.
    • Tentative acceptance by a college or university must be in evidence. It is the student’s responsibility to determine whether college coursework accepted by the Anchorage School District will also be accepted for credit by the college
    • Upon completion of 24 undergraduate semester hours of credit at the college level, the student must furnish a transcript to the Curriculum Assistant Principal so that a high school diploma may be granted


    Program No. 5 – Credit by Examination

    Credit by examination is an opportunity for the advanced student to progress at his/her own learning rate in courses approved in the ASD’s Program of Studies. Credit may be awarded on demonstrated proficiency through an examination process.  The test  will be developed by a teacher selected by the Curriculum Assistant Principal and will be equivalent to the final examination of a given course. A ninety-percent (90%) score is required to receive credit. A fee of $85.00 is required, in advance, to compensate the teacher for creating, administering, and evaluating the test.

    • A student cannot be granted credit by examination for a course in which he/she has previously earned credit nor may he/she receive credit for a prerequisite course if they are presently enrolled in or have previously earned credit in an advanced course
    • Laboratory courses are excluded from the credit by examination procedure
    • Upon receipt of an approved application for Credit by Choice, the Curriculum Assistant Principal will appoint an examiner.
    • The examiner will select or construct an examination which is consistent with the approved course description and objectives. The examiner is expected to proctor the test, score it, notify the Curriculum Assistant Principal of the results and submit the test materials to the Registrar
    • If credit is denied, a student may not reapply for Credit by Examination for the same course


    Program No. 6 – Community Service and Field Study / Physical Education Waiver

    Credit may be earned through a planned community service program that provides learning experiences in the community.  Students may also propose field studies in the community, such as a research project using the community or a unique educational opportunity, including physical education activities, available only in the field. One hundred twenty (120) hours of acceptable service will earn 0.5 unit of credit/waiver. Program approval may be done at individual school sites, but pre-approved District programs include the following:

    • Anchorage Youth Court
    • Anchorage Youth Court Summer Camp
    • Johns Hopkins University Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth
    • LEAP (Learning Enrichment Adventure Program)
    • Western Alaska Council/Boy Scouts of America Explorer Program
    • Allegro
    • Peer Education Teen Trainers
    • RARE-T (Reduce AIDS Risk in Teens) Peer Education
    • Anchorage Youth Symphony (pass/fail only, therefore does not count in GPA calculation)
    • Alaska Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute (plus additional hours to total 120)
    • Alaska Native Heritage Center courses
    • Cook Inlet Tribal Council
    • Big Brothers/Big Sisters, High School Bigs Program
    • Alaska Theatre of Youth-Summer Conservatory
    • Going Places – Alaska Tourism Curriculum
    • Trio Talent Search Upward Bound Program/Upward Bound Summer Program
    • Youth Employment in Parks & Recreation Program
    • Outdoor Experience, Writing & Leadership (Puqigtut)
    • South Central Foundation RAISE Intern Program
    • Shiloh Community Development, Inc.

    Concordia Language Villages is independently accredited by North Central Association of Schools as an intensive world language experience for high school students. Transcripts from Concordia should be sent to the home school for inclusion of credit on the student’s transcript.


    Physical Education programs will be  approved  on  a  case-by-case  basis  where  the  program  covers  four  of  the  six  recognized components of fitness. One hundred twenty (120) hours of acceptable activity/records will earn an equivalent 0.5 waiver.

    • Student proposals must include the following information: student name, coach’s name and contact number, description of coach’s qualifications, a detailed training outline with goals and objectives from the coach including a description of how four of the six components of fitness are addressed. Attach any available evidence of equivalence to ASD approved high school courses.
    • Student desiring a physical education waiver must also submit a journal documenting their work-outs (see attached form). At 60 hours, the journal must be reviewed and signed by the Curriculum Assistant Principal or the Physical Education Department Chairperson

    Program No. 7 – High School Credit for Middle School Courses and Immersion Courses

    MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH: Students may request middle school course work in math (Algebra I or higher) to be added to their high school transcript any time after their 9th grade year. Upon approval, the credit and grade will be added on to the transcript to the 1st semester of the 9th grade year. The 2nd quarter mark will be considered the 1st Semester and the 4th quarter mark will be considered the 2nd Semester. Once entered on a high school transcript, grades will not be removed from this legal document. **Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in spring of 2020, ASD will allow for 7th/8th grade students in the 2019-2020 school year to use the average of their 1st, 2nd & 3rd quarter grades if they choose to opt in to this incentive credit option. This would be valid throughout their entire high school career (through spring of 2024).
    MIDDLE SCHOOL WORLD LANGUAGE: Research indicates that the study of another language is most effectively accomplished if it begins at an early age, is sequential and continues for a long term without interruption. To encourage more students to begin language study in the middle school and continue into Level II as ninth graders, the Anchorage School District offers a World Languages Incentive credit-by-choice option.
    The World Languages Incentive Credit is an opportunity for students who have studied two years of a language at the middle school (courses 1A and 1B) to earn one graded elective credit. Students must meet the following requirements in order to receive the World Languages Incentive Credit:
    • Enroll in Level II (same language as in middle school) in high school.
    • Complete both semesters of Level II with a "C" or better.
    • Request that the incentive credit be added to their high school transcript in accordance with the ASD Credit-by-Choice program.
    WORLD LANGUAGE INCENTIVE CREDIT: is one graded credit. The students 4th quarter grade from the eight grade is added to the high school transcript anytime after their 9th grade year and following  their successful completion of the Level II course in the same language. The graded credit will affect the student's over all GPA and class rank. Transcripts are legal documents and will not be changed once credit is recorded.  
    IMMERSION INCENTIVE CREDIT: Although ASD immersion programs are designed as a K-12 continuum with both a middle and high school continuation strand, the district also recognizes that students may have other interests as they enter high school and may choose to no longer pursue the study of their immersion language. The Immersion Incentive Credit allows students who have completed an immersion program through the end of their 8th grade year to bring up one credit through the credit-by-choice option, documenting their K-8 immersion experience on their high school transcript. Immersion students may still apply for this credit even if they remain in the immersion program throughout high school.The Immersion Incentive Credit is one graded credit. The student’s 4th quarter grade from the eighth grade immersion language course is added to the high school transcript any time after their 9th grade year. The graded credit will affect the student’s overall GPA and class rank. Transcripts are legal documents and will not be changed once credit is recorded.
    **Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in spring of 2020, ASD will allow for 8th grade students in the 2019-2020 school year to use their 3rd quarter grade if they choose to opt in to this incentive credit option. This would be valid throughout their entire high school career (through spring of 2024).