Service High School

The Green and Golds

  • Service HS

    Service High School has become an ASD Green School in September 2018. Service has been a recycling and sustainability leader for over 10 years. It all started as a grassroots movement headed by Adam Ahonen to combat the waste generated at the school. Adam with the help of his life skills students, volunteer students, and green club collect the schools recycling once and week and sort all the recycling. The program has been a great success at Service and hopes to grow and continue providing recycling, waste management and sustainability options to all students and the community. 

About the Green Team

  • Green Team Name:  The Green and Golds
    Team Members: Life Skills and Green Club
    Sponsor: Adam Ahonen


  • We are the Service High School Green and Golds. Our focus is to help spread awareness of recycling and sustainability practices in our community. We also provide job skills training through the collection and promotion of our green schools initiative. 

Sustainability Plan and Goals

  • At Service High School we plan to provide additional recycling options for the students and the community. We will do so by:

    • Spreading education through hosting an earth day event and having clothes drive.
    • Add mixed plastics to our recycling collection efforts.
    • Stop using single-use plastic and promoting reusable plastic-ware
    • We plan to do a School Wide Waste Characterization study to further understand the content of our waste and work towards reducing our environmental impact at Service.
    • Organize mini-research projects to Increase awareness of the waste going into the environment to encourage the next generation of students to be more mindful of waste from choices to daily habits.
    • Post information around the school with Service's recycling data to observe our improvement over time.
    • Use social media, newsletters, and presentation to share our success and results.