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    Content Area Testing Times and Item Counts


    Each spring, Alaskan students are provided an opportunity to show what they know.  When students show what they know, teachers and parents can partner to promote student success.  The State of Alaska Department of Education has partnered with NWEA to align and connect the English language arts (ELA) and mathematics tests with the MAP Growth benchmark assessments students take in fall and winter.


    This balanced assessment system targets instruction to better support meeting students’ individual learning needs.  In addition, students will take only one assessment per content area (ELA and math) and be provided two scores as follows:

    1. Summative assessment result at grade-level

    2. MAP Growth interim benchmark result , including growth from fall to spring


    AK STAR, the Alaska System of Academic Readiness, is comprised of English language arts and mathematics and is administered to students in grades 3-9.  The Alaska Science Assessment is administered to students in grades 5, 8 and 10.  The purpose of a large-scale, summative assessment is to provide parents and schools an overall picture of a student’s progress in meeting the Alaska standards at grade level.  Schools have flexibility when testing students to minimize the impact on instructional time.  Please work with your child's school for support with testing and assessment schedules.


    Testing times to complete AK STAR and the Alaska Science Assessment vary by grade level and content area. While the assessments are untimed, approximate testing times are outlined in the tables below. Using these estimates, ASD has included a recommended minimum test session length with the understanding that students are not allowed to complete more than one content area per day.

  • AK STAR - English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics - Grades 3-9

    Student Testing Times and Item Counts

AK STAR English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics--Grades 3-9
  • Alaska Science Assessment - Science - Grades 5, 8 and 10

    Student Testing Times

Science--Grades 5, 8 and 10