• FastBridge is the ASD benchmark assessment for students in grades K-2 in reading and mathematics. Grades 3-6 may also use FastBridge as a progress monitoring tool. FastBridge is new to ASD and replaces AIMSweb.


    FastBridge utilizes a combination of one-on-one teacher administered measures and computer-based measures in reading and mathematics. FastBridge will be administered three times per year during the ASD Benchmark windows: fall, winter and spring. The benchmark windows for 2019-2020 are:

    • Fall—September 3 - September 20
    • Winter—December 2 - December 19
    • Spring—April 20 - May 8

ASD FastBridge Results Parent Connect Guide

  • Where do I access FastBridge results in Parent Connect?

    where to find results

    FastBridge assessment results are located in the Assessment Results section of Parent Connect. Select the “+“ sign to expand the section.


    What do my child’s FastBridge results mean?

    FastBridge is one of the Anchorage School District’s benchmark assessments and is administered each fall, winter and spring to students as follows:

    • 1:1 assessments

      • Kindergarten – earlyReading Composite Score, Number Identification

      • 1st Grade – earlyReading Composite Score

      • 2nd Grade – CBMreading

    • Computer-Based Assessments

      • Kindergarten – n/a

      • 1st Grade – aMath (winter and spring only), CBMmath-Automaticity

      • 2nd Grade – aReading, aMath, CBMmath-Automaticity


    Screening scores provide a data snapshot that is used to support identification of students who are at-risk and in need of interventions and/or enrichment or acceleration. The assessments measure early literacy, early numeracy, and math computation in grades K-2. The results are used to measure learning status and growth within the school year.

    The following sample report shows what FastBridge results look like in Parent Connect. The example is labeled with the letters, A through J. The letters correspond to specific information about FastBridge results, which is provided on the following page. Please contact your child’s principal, teacher, or counselor for more support with FastBridge results.

    results mapping, explained below.

    1. Test

      This is the assessment name, FastBridge.


    2. Season

      The Season is the time of year or the window when the assessment was taken. FastBridge Seasons (Windows) are Fall, Winter, and Spring.


    3. Date Taken

      This is the date a student takes the assessment during the fall, winter, or spring season or window.


    4. Grade

      This is the student’s grade level on test day.


    5. Sub Test

      This is the name of the measure. Measures are listed on page one by season and grade level.


    6. Score

      The score may be displayed in differently depending on the measure.

      • Number Correct – includes errors (Kindergarten earlyMath)

      • Composite Score (K-1 earlyReading)

      • Words Read Correctly - includes accuracy and errors (2nd Grade CBMreading)

    7. Percentile

      The student's percentile rank is the percentage of students who had a score less than or equal to this score as observed in the FastBridge norms study. This allows the student to be compared to similar students across the nation who took FastBridge during the same season or window.


    8. Risk

      FastBridge reports include indicators of student risk for not reaching learning goals. These are known as benchmarks and include indicators for the following levels:

      • Low Risk: likely to meet grade-level goals

      • Some Risk: unlikely to meet grade-level goals without supplemental instructional support

      • High Risk: very unlikely to meet grade-level goals without intensive instructional support These risk indicators can be used to identify supports for individual students.


    9. Link to all ASD Parent Guides for state and district assessments

      This is a link to the Assessment support page where parent guides for interpreting scores can be found.


    10. Print Document

       This allows scores to be printed.


    For further support in understanding your child's FastBridge results, please contact your child's school.

Launching the Dashboard

FastBridge Overview


    This short video from May 2019 explains the process of selecting a new assessment system, and how it will benefit our teachers and students.