• AK STAR Testing - Alaska System of Academic Readiness
    Most students will test in their regularly scheduled classroom. Family Group Teachers and Advisors will help direct students to the correct testing location.
    3/28/22, Monday
    Grades 6-9 English/Language Arts
    3/29/22, Tuesday
    Grades 6-9 Math
    Grade 10 Science
    3/30/22, Wednesday
    Grade 5 Science
    Grade 8 Science
    3/31/22, Thursday
    Grades 3-5 English/Language Arts
    4/1/22, Friday
    Grades 3-5 Math

    MAP Growth Information 2021/22


    MAP Growth is the ASD benchmark assessment for students in grades 3-9 in reading and mathematics. 

    MAP Growth is an online assessment tool used for instructional purposes. MAP Growth is an adaptive assessment that provides each student with a personalized testing experience with data that speaks to their individual progress and growth in mathematics and reading. Practice tests and accommodations are available. MAP Growth will be administered in person during the benchmark windows for 2020-2021:


    * Benchmark 1—September 27 - October 8

    * Benchmark 2—November 29 - December 10

    * Benchmark 3 - April 18 - April 29


    MAP Growth practice tests are available to allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the types of questions and tools available on the actual MAP Grow assessments such as the highlighter and calculator. Practice tests are provided at practice.mapnwea.org and require login information (USERNAME: grow PASSWORD: grow) to access.


    NAEP Federal Testing
    This year Polaris is participating in the NAEP testing for 4th and 8th grade students. There are two tests that students might participate in either a 90-minute Reading test or a Math test - this has been predetermined by the NAEP proctors. Students are encouraged to show up and do their best!
    • 4th Grade - March 1st (students will take either reading or math)
    • 8th Grade - March 2nd (students will take either reading or math)
    All information and technology will be provided to students by NAEP. For more information, Parents may visit: https://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/parents/
    ASD Climate Connectedness Survey
    Students Grade 3 - 12 are encouraged to take the Climate and Connectedness Survey to help us better understand the climate here at Polaris K-12. This year our window for the Climate and Connectedness Survey will be February 14th - March 4th and all are encouraged to participate. Students will take the survey through their advisories during the school day. An additional email will be sent to parents on the window for parent feedback as it becomes available.