Data, research and survey requests

When data, statistics, or reports are needed, a request form must be completed. The type of request depends on whether the information needed will be used for research or other reasons.


The following describes the purposes of research and other types of data requests.


Research request

Research proposals are required from anyone planning to collect information for the purpose of answering a hypothesis or research question. This includes projects or papers as part of a thesis or dissertation, as well as research requests from local, state, and national entities.


A Research Proposal must be completed and submitted to the Assistant Director of Program Evaluation for approval, and approval must be obtained prior to the initiation of any research-related activities.


Research Request Form (online)



Data request

Assessment data can be used for guiding program direction or policy and for describing program accountability (i.e. grant reports). This is not data to be used for research.


Assessment data requests need to be submitted to the Assistant Director of Program Evaluation, using the Data Request form.

Application for Data Request (online)


Survey plan request

All surveys must be reviewed and receive approval prior to administration.


A survey plan that includes evidence the survey will support the ASD mission and will provide valid and reliable information needs to be submitted to the Assistant Director of Program Evaluation, using the survey plan form. 


Some purposes that surveys may be used for are as follows:

  • State or Federal accountability (i.e. Parent Report Card Surveys)
  • Program evaluation or maintenance (i.e. for grant requirements)
  • Needs assessment
  • Event evaluation (i.e. evaluation of a presentation at a conference)
  • Marketing (i.e. from vendors outside the District)

 ASD Survey Plan Request Form (online)

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