Paying for education costs

There are three basic ways to pay for college. Many people use a combination of these three. Think of these options as a smorgasbord from which you select the approaches that fit your payment strategy.


Save enough to cover all college expenses before enrolling.

Work to pay for all expenses while enrolled in college.

Take out loans and apply for scholarship assistance.

Introduction to financial aid


Financial aid websites


Scholarship portfolio

The portfolio is a history of your high school career (grades 9 through 12) as you would like it told to employers, schools, or scholarship review committees.  

Community groups will come to the high school to review your portfolio, and others will request it to be sent to a centralized  location for consideration.  

Submitting a portfolio does not guarantee an award. It also does not mean that you are applying for every scholarship available. The majority of scholarships have separate applications, and it is important for you to seek out those opportunities, complete the applications and send partial or full copies of your portfolio for consideration.

See the Scholarship Portfolio page for portfolio templates and guides.

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