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Fiscal Year 2025 Community Budget Survey

  • The State of Alaska’s education funding formula is primarily based on the number of students enrolled. The Base Student Allocation (BSA), which was fixed in School Year 2016-2017 at $5,930 per student, remained the same through last school year 2022-2023. For school year 2023-2024, there was an increase of $30, which amounts to a .5% increase over the last 8 years. The BSA represents the largest share of ASD’s funding, followed by local tax contributions, and federal funding.  


    State one-time funding, federal relief funds, and the District’s use of savings, along with two school closures and staff reductions, have allowed the district to continue operating. The federal relief funds will be mostly spent by the end of this school year, leaving the District with a projected $98 million deficit for next school year, which could be brought down to $45 million with the use of district savings, if authorized.