Moving to Middle School Project

  • Leveling Up Our Students

    Starting in August 2024, all 10 ASD comprehensive middle schools will include grades 6-8.

    • Begich
    • Central
    • Clark
    • Goldenview
    • Gruening
    • Hanshew
    • Mears
    • Mirror Lake
    • Romig
    • Wendler

    Additionally, Steller Secondary will welcome sixth-grade students to its school, starting in 2024-25.


    New opportunities and long-term benefits for students

     Sixth-grade students in a middle school setting have the opportunity to receive:

    • More options for core instruction
    • Increased elective opportunities
      • Band, orchestra, choir are offered daily
      • Career and Technical Education course offerings
      • World language electives
    • Daily PE classes and participation in sports and activities
    • Greater access to school counseling
    • Increased daily instruction in social studies & science
    • Availability of higher-level math, including algebra & geometry
    • Access to middle school sports, clubs and activities

Board Meetings

  • 2024/03/05: Anchorage School Board Work Session


  • On 2/21/23, the Board voted 6-1 for this year (2023) to be a planning year, and for all (comprehensive) 6th grade students to move to middle school in the 2024/25 school year.


    ASD Memorandum 107

  • Timeline

First Day of School – Staggered Start

  • Staggered Start Informationstaggered start graphic

    • Thursday, August 15 – grades 6-7
    • Friday, August 16 – grade 8


    All 10 comprehensive middle schools will follow the staggered first day schedule. Class will begin at the new school start times, which is 9:30 a.m. for middle school students.


    ASD is staggering the first day of school in August 2024 to support students in a new school environment. Grades 6-7 will start on August 15 while students in 8th grade will start one day later.


    By providing students in grades 6-7 a day at school with a smaller student population, schools can prioritize onboarding activities and supports.


    This will include:

    • Assisting students with locker and classroom navigation
    • Team building activities
    • Discussions on successful academic practices and clear behavior expectations
    • Granting extra time for transitions between classes and lunch and setting expectations for those transitions


    Due to the staggered start date where all school staff will be on hand to support students, middle schools will not hold optional orientations or camps for students prior to the first day of school.


  • Will ALL 6th graders be entering Middle School next year?

  • Will 6th grade students in Highly Gifted and Immersion programs move to Middle School?

  • Are there options for my 6th grader other than Middle School?

  • Will families be able to apply for a zone exemption?

  • Will boundaries be changing?  

  • What school will current 2023-24 5th grade students attend for 6th grade in 2024-25 school year?

  • What is a typical school day for 6th graders in a middle school? 

  • Will my student’s middle school provide an open house or other opportunities to get information and see the school?

  • Will 6th graders next year get to participate in sports?

  • Will our 6th grade teachers move to middle school with us?

  • How do I know which core classes my student will have in middle school?

  • How will I get to know my student’s new school?

  • How can I learn more about after school sports and activities?

  • My student receives special education services in elementary school. Will supports and accommodations be available in middle school?

  • Check back frequently for continued updates

Last Modified on June 13, 2024