Moving to Middle School Project

  • Leveling Up Our Students

    6th Grade to Middle Schoolsmoving to middle

    It is the Administration’s recommendation that the School Board approve a two-year transition of remaining elementary 6th graders to comprehensive middle schools.


    Currently, three of ASD’s ten comprehensive middle schools support 6th grade students: Begich, Clark, and Mirror Lake middle schools. 


    The move of 6th graders to middle school is not a short-term cost savings for the District; however, it is viewed as a long-term benefit for students.

    To ensure a smooth transition and to help mitigate risks, planning for the 6th grade to middle school should be completed over the course of the 2023/24 school year, with implementation for the 2024/25 school year.


    • 2023/24 (Year 1):     Planning for implementation
    • 2024/25 (Year 2):     All (comprehensive) 6th grade students move to middle school


  • Why is ASD moving the remaining elementary 6th graders to comprehensive middle schools?

  • Will ALL 6th graders be entering Middle School next year?

  • What about students attending Aquarian Charter School (K-6), Denali Montessori School (K-6), Chugach Optional School (K-6)?

  • What about students attending Steller?

  • Will 6th grade students in Highly Gifted and Immersion programs move to Middle School?

  • Are there options for my 6th grader other than Middle School?

  • Will families be able to apply for a zone exemption?

  • Will boundaries be changing?  

  • What school will current 2023-24 5th grade students attend for 6th grade in 2024-25 school year?

  • What is a typical school day for 6th graders in a middle school? 

  • Will my student’s middle school provide an open house or other opportunities to get information and see the school?

  • Will 6th graders next year get to participate in sports?

  • Will our 6th grade teachers move to middle school with us?

  • How do I know which core classes my student will have in middle school?

  • How will I get to know my student’s new school?

  • Check back frequently for continued updates

Initial Analysis

Board Meetings


  • On 2/21/23, the Board voted 6-1 for this year (2023) to be a planning year, and for all (comprehensive) 6th grade students to move to middle school in the 2024/25 school year.


    ASD Memorandum 107

Last Modified on January 19, 2024