• Closure Procedures

    Procedures for changes in normal operation and procedures for canceling bus transportation due to inclement weather


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    In the event that severe weather conditions, natural disasters, power outages, or other unforeseen circumstances result in school closure or a delay in start time, the following procedures will apply:


    A. The director of Transportation and the director of Maintenance & Operations will determine the status of bus operations, road conditions, and school status by collecting data from the following sources:

    • Anchorage Police Department
    • State of Alaska road maintenance department
    • Anchorage and Eagle River road maintenance departments
    • ASD safety officers and contractor personnel who have driven area roads prior to 4:30 a.m.
    • ASD Maintenance Department personnel
    • National Weather Service
    • Alaska State Troopers 


    B. The director of Transportation and the director of Maintenance & Operations will call the chief operating officer to report status of school campuses, bus operations, road, and walking conditions. The chief operating officer will then call the superintendent. The information from the above sources will be analyzed and a decision made from among those listed below:

    1. No schools closed:  normal operation.
    2. Delayed opening of schools:  Schools will open later than the normal schedule. School buses will run later than the normal schedule. All staff report at usual time if safety permits.  
    3. Schools only closed: Teachers may report to alternative work sites of individual choice, provided the missed school day does not have to be made up. If teachers will be required to make up the emergency school closure day, AEA members will be notified on or before the closure day that it is a non-working, non-paid day.

      Custodial staff report; facilities/maintenance staff report; other support staff report as specified in appropriate contract.

      Please note: State regulations allow ASD to declare in-service and emergency closure days to be “days in session” up to a total of 10 per year. Any closure that occurs after the exhaustion of those 10 days will require an adjustment to the school calendar, in order to meet the statutory requirement for length of the school year.

    4. All district facilities closed: Only emergency staff and all facilities/maintenance staff report. Designated emergency staff members have been identified at each school and by each ASD Department Director.
    5. School/Site-specific closure(s): In the event an emergency closure applies to a limited number of specific locations, both teaching and non-teaching staff at those locations will follow the attendance rules for school closure days. 



    If the effect of the closure exceeds the two possible closure days that are built into the school calendar, those days will be non-working, non-paid days and will need to be made up. 



    The procedure will be the same as outlined in Attendance Rules For School Closure Days Only.   


    C. If the chief operating officer is unable to contact the superintendent, then the chief operating officer and the director of Transportation will confer and make the decision. 


    D. All closings or changes in normal operation are to be reported to local media outlets in the Anchorage area by the Senior director of Communications starting immediately after notification by the superintendent. Notification should be completed approximately 20-30 minutes after Communications is alerted. Public announcements should start no later than 5:30 a.m.


    Update information will also be available on:


    E. If weather and road conditions change after an initial decision is made, the Transportation Department and contractor personnel will immediately notify the director of Transportation who will call the chief operating officer. The chief operating officer will then call the superintendent. The new information will be analyzed and a decision made to delay the start of school or cancel classes at a school, a group of schools, or all schools. The updated information will be made public using the resources listed above.


    F. The chief Human Resources officer will notify the senior director of Human Resources Staffing and Operations, who will notify Substitute Dispatch. The chief operating officer will notify Student Nutrition of changes in normal operation.

    Similar procedures are in effect on non-student days. The content of public and staff messages relayed will be edited appropriately if changes in normal operation occur on an in-service day. 


    There may be times when school is being held that the weather conditions deteriorate and a decision will be made regarding after school activities.  If the decision is made to cancel after school activities, that decision will be made by noon of that day by the ASD superintendent or his/her designee.  This information will be relayed from the top down.  The Public Affairs Officer will ensure the media is informed and will assist in fielding questions.

    Revised February 2017