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So You Want to Run for School Board?

December 5, 2016

Informational session for citizens interested in serving on the board.

17 Communities from Across the Nation Chosen for Data Analytics Fellowship

November 23, 2016

This press release is shared on behalf of StriveTogether and the Tableau Foundation.

Chester Valley Elementary Teacher Paul Campbell Named Milken Educator

November 22, 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Paul Campbell who was surprised this morning with an Milken Educator Award and $25,000 to spend any way he chooses! Video and photos of the announcement courtesy of the Milken Family Foundation.

District to Review Materials for Middle School Science

November 21, 2016

Public review and input is welcome.

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Dec 9

Countdown to Kindergarten

Join us for fun, hands-on activities for your future kindergartener.

Dec 12

Q&A with ASD board members

The Anchorage School Board will hold an informational session for community members who are interested in running for the board.

Dec 13

Beginner Level Adult English Class

Free beginner level adult English class.

Dec 15

Intermediate Level Adult English Class

Free intermediate level adult English class.

Dec 17

Countdown to Kindergarten

Join us for fun, hands-on activities for your future kindergartener.

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MECAC Accepting Applications

The district's Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC) works to ensure equity for all students by providing input directly to the superintendent on relevant issues that impact student achievement. MECAC is now reviewing committee member applications through January 13, 2017.

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School Report Cards

Each school has its own school report card that provides an annual summary of schoolwide progress and student test scores. 2015-16 School report cards are now available online. If you do not have internet access or prefer a paper version of the report, please contact your child’s school.



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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Kathleen Mclinn at East Anchorage High School! Quyana to Mrs. Mclinn from one of her students. Kathleen discusses much more than just U.S history and takes her time to have deep class discussions on a regular basis. She also takes the time to discuss racism and looks at the class perspective.

    - Isaiah McKenzie, Student

  • Quyana to Patricia Ahrens at Inlet View Elementary! This year we were all worried who our new principal would be. I am so grateful it is you! I feel supported and looked after by you. You are on top of things and direct us all in the right direction. Thank you!

    - Leah Zumwalt, teacher

  • Quyana to Colonel Rick Strickland and SMSgt Jeff Ullom at West High School!! On behalf of Hanshew Middle School and the Alaska Native American and Native American Leadership Group, we would like  to thank the West HS AFJROTC and Drill and Ceremony Team for their outstanding support. They honored the Hanshew military veterans by presenting the colors and a flawless execution of the D and C Drill. We appreciate and thank them for honoring our proud veterans! 

    - Troy Hodge, Counselor-Peer

  • Quyana to Bartlett Theater Group/Theater Directors at Bartlett High School! Our family would like to send a roaring Quyana to the Bartlett High School Theater Group for an incredible job presenting the play, Beast and Beauty.   The amount of work that went into the production was evident. Promotional materials were highly visible in the community, professional, and eye catching. The set was strikingly innovative and engaging. The costumes were incredible too!   The attention to detail put into planning this event was quite impressive, and I have yet to mention the actors and actresses.   My husband and I were both impressed with how natural the performers were on stage. The chemistry between the actors had us so mesmerized, our family became totally lost in the story.   Well done, Bears!   Thank you for providing this affordable, family friendly event for the community. Our family is looking forward to the spring production.

    - Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, parent and community member

  • Quyana to Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson at Human Resources! Elizabeth is always timely when I submit my summary of hire to bring on fantastic staff. When there is one piece that I miss, she follows up with me to walk me through the process. Her patience and temperament supports me and helps me get things processed as quickly as possible.

    - Shawn Bernard, supervisor, Elementary Special Education

  • Quyana to Julie Trim at Dimond High School! I would like to recognize Julie Trim, school psychologist, for her immense efforts in assisting the Chinook Elementary special education team with our caseload during our time without a school psychologist assigned to our school. Julie went above and beyond with her time to support our special education staff and students. Thank you for helping us out during a busy first semester! Your skills and talents are phenomenal!

    - Pamela Momany, SPED Department Chair

  • Quyana to Kara Eddy at Taku! Ms. Eddy went above and beyond expectations to present a well developed ALICE training to the staff of Taku Elementary.  Her sensitivity to the issue and in depth knowledge has increased the safety of the staff and students of Taku Elementary.

    - Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Julie Besch at Hanshew Middle School, Ed Tech! Fortunately for Hanshew Middle School, Julie Besch is our Ed Tech. She rarely sits at her desk, but instead goes to teachers' classrooms to coach them on the latest technology, or make sure everything is set up correctly. If there's a problem, she sticks with it until it is resolved. What's most impressive is that no matter how many requests for assistance she gets, she maintains a positive attitude. She and her amazing husband, Bob Besch, are an integral part of Hanshew, and we couldn't be happier! 

    - Hanshew Middle School, Teachers

  • Quyana to Katie Greenhalgh at Inlet View Elementary! Katie has been my T.A. for three years. She is amazing. She goes above and beyond. She is my right hand and knows instinctively when to step in and is amazing with the kids. She will volunteer for several hours in our class, unpaid. I don't know what I would do without her! Katie, thank you. You are amazing.

    - Beth Kemp, teacher

  • Quyana to Casey King at Tyson Elementary! You are kind and great friend. I appreciate your help with Project LEAP. Thanks to you I am more patient and compassionate with my students.

    - Leah Zumwalt, teacher

  • Quyana to Yvonne Gonzalez at Chugiak Elementary! We would like to say Muchas Gracias to Srta. Gonzalez for helping to make our second grader's school year the best one so far. Our son had trouble concentrating, behaving and did not like school very much. Since being in Srta. Gonzalez's classroom, our son loves school and is achieving his full potential. Srta. Gonzalez has worked with him and made him excited to learn and happy to go to school. We are so thankful for her hard work every day and are excited to see how far he can grow!

    - Leigh Wright, parent

  • Quyana to Special Education Support Team at Mountain View Elementary! ! The special education support team, Mrs. Hye Suh, Ms. Kalei Uwekoolani, and Ms. Emma Steinzig, make a commitment to helping all students and families here at school  They are on duty every morning here at school greeting kids and families and making sure students are safe and feel welcome.  There support goes far beyond their job description and as a team they are all deserving of praise!

    - Elliot Stiassny, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Katelyn Vallee at Mountain View Elementary!! This 2nd grade teacher puts a tremendous amount of work into making sure her students feel safe, cared for, and listened to.  The commitment to social emotional learning is at the forefront in her class and the improvement in students attitude and behavior is deserving of tremendous praise.

    - Elliot Stiassny, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Sara Paulson at Physical Education, Bowman Elementary ! Mrs. Paulson does a fantastic job with her students at Bowman. She goes above and beyond to organize activities for the students and their families to donate to those in need in our community. She always has a smile on her face. Thank you for all that you do, Mrs. Paulson! 

    - Megan Sherman , parent

  • Quyana to Jake Peterson at Abbott Loop Elementary! Jake delivered an awesome, comprehensive training on ALICE to staff during in-service on 10/28/16. Kudos for a job well done! The training accomplished its goal: Keep Abbot Loop community safe. Abbott Loop staff were trained in the ALICE procedures and Jake conducted the training with enthusiasm, vigor, and efficiency. He covered the training material with little to no stress to all. We benefitted from the training and are better informed as a result of the training given by Jake. Thank you! 

    - Hamimah Bjorkman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Ben Wargny and Mike Bryant at Maintenance! Service would like to recognize Ben Wargny and Mike Bryant for the amazing job they did painting the front entryway of the school. They were efficient at getting the job done and were friendly throughout the whole process. The building looks great because of the work they did.

    - Frank Hauser, principal

  • Quyana to Kayla Armstrong at Goldenview Middle School, Language Arts! I, an elementary school librarian, got the chance to moderate a book talk (along with Kayla Armstrong) and brought 6 students to listen to, and hopefully meet, James Dashner at his book talk. The students were disappointed when they realized they couldn't meet him and get a signature because they didn't have a copy of his newest book (which was quite spendy). Right before the event started, a Barnes & Noble employee came up with a bag of books for my students. I had thought they had been the ones to make my students so overjoyed, only to find out it was Kayla Armstrong, the other moderator of the event, whose only intent was to help instill a love of reading in my students. This was such a blessing and all these students can talk about today! Thank you, Quyana, so kindly. 

    - Michelle Carton, Librarian

  • Quyana to Arelis De La Rosa at Abbott Loop Elementary! We appreciate Ms. De La Rosa's effort at helping clean the school environment. She vacuums my classroom, empties trash bins, cleans the white board, and also goes out of her way to wipe off students' desks. Thank you Ms. de La Rosa!

    - Hamimah Bjorkman, teacher

  • Quyana to Judy Krier at Chugiak High School, Cafe Manager! I would like to thank Judy Krier for the 30+ years that she has dedicated to Student Nutrition and serving meals to the students of the Anchorage School District.  Many of the staff and students at Chugiak High have shared with me that you will be missed when you retire.  You have been a pleasure to work with. May your roads ahead be filled with many exciting adventures.

    - Teresa Harwell, Supervisor

  • Quyana to James Werner at Abbott Loop Elementary! Mr. Werner went out of his way to help me, his colleague with setting up Smart Board Projector, as well as getting the right cords, and putting the equipment together so that I can use it to project the Direct Instruction Lesson Maps. Thank you Mr. Werner!

    - Hamimah Bjorkman, Teacher

  • Quyana to Afshan Mohammad at Eagle River High School! Ms. Mohammad was my biology teacher in ninth grade (last year), as well as my favorite teacher. Ms. Mohammad is a great teacher, who creates fun ways for students to learn through labs, final projects, and other activities. She shows an enormous amount of effort in her work, and helping her students succeed. As well she is honest with her students, and her students' parents, too about their grades, and ways that they can make them better. She shows students responsibility and honesty by letting them correct their own assignments to develop the skills for self-evaluation and self-assessment. One of the best things is how she lets you know a little before hand about what you are going to do in the class. Overall I'm so glad that I was able to have Ms. Mohammad as a teacher.

    - Peyton Hunter, Student

  • Quyana to Kiana Farr at Health Services! Thank you so much to Kiana Farr, Health Treatment Nurse, for her care and expertise in administering influenza vaccines to our elementary students today. These  nurses provide such an important role in addressing the health needs of our students and I am thankful for all of them.

    - Julie Becker, school nurse

  • Quyana to Vanessa DeBrill at Rogers Park Elementary! Thank you for consistently taking care of your students at the Rogers Park Cafe. Your diligence is greatly appreciated! 

    - Jennifer Meiwes, program specialist

  • Quyana to Meaghan Petrunic, John Delos-Reyes, Shawna Sweeney at IT! Assistive Technology (AT) utilizes a direct access USB touch screen with a variety of students who need access to curriculum in a way that a typical computer or iOS device cannot support.   So that we can provide an accommodation to support learning, AT often would spend many, many hours a year installing and configuring software and drivers so that a typical iMac could be accessed by students who need to write and access other curriculum supports such as ULS via a TouchScreen.   AT created an ASD Help ticket in hopes a ticket would result in an non-technical solution, available through Self Service that could be utilized easily simply by selecting a Software Icon. Without customization and configuration, school teams were unable to calibrate the screen if it ever moved. -And we all know classrooms never stop moving.   Meaghan Petrunic and John Delos-Reyes visited our department to better understand the Help ticket and to learn what we needed.  They helped to bridge our input and their testing with Shawna Sweeney's package authoring capabilities.   The result has been a true partnership of AT and IT to support student learning. Within a few hours over a couple days, a package was completed and was immediately used to support student access to learning.   This effort has improved our overall efficiency and managed to stretch our limited resources a little further. AT asked, and Tech support listened, and together we partnered with Imaging to build a system that a school team can utilize to help students express themselves and learn.

    - Lance Smith, Assistive Technology Instructional Support Specialist

  • Quyana to Angela Blankenship at Student Nutrition! Thank you for consistently taking care of your students at the Eagle River Cafe.  You do a fantastic job for the families you serve.  Your diligence is appreciated! 

    - Jennifer Meiwes, peer

  • Quyana to Beth Vollstedt at Benefits! I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Elizabeth ( Beth) Vollstedt for the help and support she offered to me.  She took her time and extra effort with my situation when I thought I was in a  "Insurance crisis".  Her expertise exceeds all expectations.  Thank you Beth.

    - Lola Long, Peer

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