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Alaska student debaters among the best in the post season

May 28, 2015

Thirteen Alaska students represented the state at the National Catholic Forensic League Tournament, one of the three most prestigious post-season tournaments in the nation for schools participating in drama, debate and forensics (DDF).

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College-Sponsored Merit Scholarship Winners announced

May 27, 2015

Congratulations to ASD students Margaret Clark, Natalie Curtiss, Abagail Khachadoorian and Allison Saur

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New principal assignments for upcoming school year

May 21, 2015

Several new principal assignments for the 2015-16 school year were recently approved by the administration and Anchorage School Board.

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Principals receive top honors in the state

May 21, 2015

Clark Middle School Principal, Cessilye Williams, named Alaska Secondary School Principal of the Year

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ASD to participate in free lunch programs during summer

May 19, 2015

Meal program costs are supported by federal funding

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Girdwood K-8 School Dedication and Open House

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ASD review of p-card audit


Memo summarizes a review of the transactions identified in the recent P-card Audit as exceptions in order to directly assess the extent to which the internal control system identified and addressed ‌inappropriate, unapproved or prohibited transactions across the procurement cycle.


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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Michael Moore at Steller Secondary School! Quyana to a dear teacher and friend, Michael Moore - not just on behalf of all the students you help every day and every year, but mostly for helping my own. I am quite sure that without you my daughter would not have "made it." Your understanding and advocacy was above and beyond. 

    - Gina Pastos, parent

  • Quyana to Pete Mandel at Dimond High School! I wanted to recognize Pete for all the hard work that he has done at the end of this school year to help my son get ready to enter his senior year at Dimond High. He always answered my questions quickly whether it was via email or phone. His easy accessibility at this especially busy time of year was very appreciated. Thanks, Pete, for helping Matt this school year. He is truly an advocate for the district plan to have every student graduate with a high school diploma. 

    - Julia Streit, parent

  • Quyana to Jennifer Spain at Eagle River Elementary School! Mrs. Spain is a teacher that just "gets it." She has the unusual ability to create a learning environment appropriate for each student so each student gets the full benefit of what ASD has to offer. Every student will learn while in her classroom, not just the ones who fit the perfect student mold. Her ability to communicate with parents is awesome and very much appreciated. I would think ASD would benefit from having her coach other teachers in how to be outstanding.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Lindsey Burrington at Mirror Lake Middle School! I think to be a good teacher in middle school you must start with a heart for the students. Lindsey has this. She sees the students as individuals and seems to understand how as a PE teacher she is a stabilizing force as the students move from teacher to teacher each year.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Travis Harrington at Mirror Lake Middle School! Travis's dedication to the education of the students is awesome. His ability to connect with each individual student and keep them learning is amazing. He manages and motivates 80 students at a time far better than most teachers can with 20. And he keeps Zangle updated! Someday I hope he gifts other teachers with his ability. If all math teachers could connect with individuals and reach each student at the student's level as he does we would have higher math scores and more kids loving math.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Nicole Sommerville at Eagle River Elementary School! We have been blessed to have our son in a school with Nicole as the Principal. Her ability to care about individuals as well as manage the overall school is impressive. She has been an outstanding part of our son's educational process.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Antonio Wyche at West High School! I lost my phone at my daughter's dance recital and stopped by the school to try and find it. Antonio spent at least 15 minutes trying to help me track it down and went to various places around the school that I thought it might be. He also took my information down, in case they found it later. Bob Wright ended up finding it, but it was nice to have someone who was trying to help along the way. The front desk staff was also very nice.

    - Carolyn Heyman-Layne, community member

  • Quyana to Bob Wright and custodial staff at West High School! I lost my phone at my daughter's dance recital at West over the weekend and was in a panic, but Bob Wright helped track it down and also called my husband to arrange for pickup. He was very nice and went out of his way to get ahold of me. His staff was also very helpful; they looked around and got him on the phone when I couldn't find him upon arrival.

    - Carolyn Heyman-Layne, community member

  • Quyana to Greg Eschenlohr at Service High School! Thank you Mr. Eschenlohr for going above and beyond to serve your students. My son, along with your other students, benefited from the many hours you gave of your time to tutor and prepare them for the AP World History exam. You gave opportunities for weekly study sessions and made breakfast burritos on testing day. Your kindness and dedication to your students has been greatly appreciated. 

    - Wendy, parent

  • Quyana to Eric Holta at Gruening Middle School! When we risked losing WACKO - "Wild and Crazy Kid Olympics"- at Gruening MS due to budget cuts in Team Time, there was a great deal of discussion around the school. WACKO is a long standing tradition, highly anticipated every year, that builds teamwork, unity and collaboration. We weren't sure how to make it work until Eric Holta stepped up! Eric went above and beyond by organizing the events, scheduling teacher committees and student training, and taking care of all the details. He communicated with everyone, creating an inclusive environment. Thanks to Eric's leadership and school spirit the students and teachers enjoyed another magnificent and memorable WACKO last Friday! 

    - Victoria Otte, peer

  • Quyana to Ms. Xiong at Creekside Park Elementary School! Ms. Xiong has made my child's everyday experience at school much more delightful. He loves telling her about his day and playing with her at recess time. 

    - Nina Cannady, parent

  • Quyana to Heather Godfrey at Whaley School! Heather Godfrey came to us this year and is amazing with our students in the area of nutrition and as an all-around role model. She regularly uses her own time to attend after school events and has grown to be an integral part of our Whaley family in such a short time. She works well with our students and offers assistance wherever she can help. She brings positivity to our multi-purpose room with her great attitude and great decorations. We appreciate all that she does! 

    - Robyn Harris, principal

  • Quyana to Michael McCarthey, Ryan Shanley, Charles Pluard, Chester Mainot and Sarah Petersen at IT and EdTech! I am very pleased to write this Quyana recognizing the members of the IT/Edtech Department. This group of individuals supported the Anchorage School District's Assistive Technology Department (AT) in so many ways, during so many changes this year! Due to their contributions and expertise, drive, determination and tenaciousness, AT was able to implement and leverage new ways to partner with school teams to help mitigate the impact of disability on our students' abilities to communicate, participate, learn and demonstrate learning.

    - Lance Smith, Assistive Technology Instructional Support Specialist

  • Quyana to Teresa Hintze at Alaska State School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing! Teresa works tirelessly for our Deaf students, going above and beyond her role as a teacher, providing meals to students in need, updating our school website, creating our school newsletter, and setting up special events such as Senior honor luncheons. She is a master teacher and serves on several committees. She is incomparable in her work ethic and dedication to the Deaf students. 

    - Jessica Parker, teacher

  • Quyana to Katy Green at Romig and West! I just want to give a quick shout out to the Romig and West Choir students and their teacher, Katy Green. Every concert and choral event this year has been absolutely fantastic. Student growth has been evident during performances and by the accolades they have received this year. Way to go, Ms. Green! 

    - Jamie Wyatt, parent

  • Quyana to Ms. Niel, Mr. Zogas, Mr. Whitfield and the entire staff at Goldenview Middle school! Thank you so much for taking care of my son the past couple of years! Some may say (even parents) that the junior high years aren't the most appealing age to deal with young students, but I thank you so much for what you do every day. Some days you inspire my son. Some days you keep him moving forward. Some days young teenagers just get through the day. All of that is important. I know your extra efforts to have him "help" in your classroom, or have him do extra projects, take work. His interest in band and the extra work Mr. Whitfield completes is amazing. I can't believe my son was as interested in the popsicle stick building team project as he was - how did you manage to generate true interest in a 13 year old? I don't see as much of that as I did a couple years ago and it is wonderful when your extra efforts generate that spark. I truly think he and his friends have enjoyed the middle school years much more than I did, and your extra efforts are noticed and appreciated. Some excellent teachers at Goldenview Middle school are publicly recogized with awards, and some are privately thanked many times by parents. It all helps and makes a difference in my son's life. Thank you!

    - Gretchen Stoddard, parent

  • Quyana to Tim Lake and Ron Beier at IT Equipment Repair! Thank you and Quyana to both Tim and Ron for your quick response and accommodating service to repair our computer cart. You are both greatly appreciated! 

    - The New Path Staff, teachers

  • Quyana to Lee Montoya and Evelyn Octuk at Dimond High School! Thank you for helping to solve students' problems.

    - Sara Norman, student

  • Quyana to Youth Risk Behavior Survey coordinators at ASD! A huge thank you to all who served as the Youth Risk Behavior Survey coordinators (YRBS) this year. The YRBS is a school-based survey of high school students examining adolescent behavior, administered in cooperation with the Department of Education and Early Development and Department of Health and Social Services. Being the school coordinator was not an easy task as this survey implementation had many logistical moving parts and was conducted at a very busy time of year. Without the assistance of the school coordinators, this invaluable information could not have been attained. Thank you Imtiaz Azzam, Nikki Banks, Amelita Cadiz, George Campnell, Melissa Casey, Beth Creech, Alexandra Hagler, James Hancock, Francine Jackson, Ray Johnson, Larry Nevada, Cycelia McMorris, Traver Pierson, Saundra Senior, Jan Slattery and Reed Whitmore for your efforts!

    - Carey Gray, Assessment and Evaluation staff member

  • Quyana to Rita Riquelme at Aquarian Charter! Ms. Rita always smiles and greets us in Spanish. She is such a fun teacher and my son is enthusiastic about the Spanish language because of her. Just wanted to say thank you!

    - Lottie, parent

  • Quyana to Bill Schildbach at Tudor Elementary ! As a 2nd grade teacher, the teacher leader and Site Based Specialist for Literacy/Assessment and Danielson Teacher, I want to thank Mr. Bill for working collaboratively with me over the past year! As a teacher-principal team, we conducted several presentations for the teachers at our school. Mr. Bill was a supportive partner in presenting information and also brought good insights and perspectives that helped the staff understand aspects of data interpretation as well as the Danielson models.

    - Lisa Espera Johnson, teacher

  • Quyana to Michele Whaley at West High School ! We would like to extend an enormous Quyana to Ms. Michele Whaley, a Russian teacher at West High School. Her infusion of innovative, creative, joyful teaching methods for an already challenging curriculum would be considered effective in its own right. But Ms. Whaley does not stop there. She continually reaches for the stars when it comes to offering exploration to her students related to the subject.     She recently organized a Statewide Russian-themed event, which included language competition, cultural dance, authentic food and guest speakers on varied interesting topics such as "mining in Russia." In addition to that, she has worked tirelessly to secure safe, high-quality trips to Russian speaking countries.    Because of her efforts, four very fortunate West High students were selected for travel to Estonia and Latvia this summer for an extended stay. This opportunity, brought forth by the US State Department's National Security Language Initiative for Youth, is a direct result of Ms. Whaley's passion for teaching, learning and sharing.   Our district, community, families and students have benefited, and will continue to benefit, from the enlightenment and difference one person can make. Ms. Whaley is one of those people.

    - Jay and Rita Farmwald, parent

  • Quyana to Leanne Wahl at Airport Heights Elementary! Just like with some teachers, it can be evident with some school nurses that they are doing what they were meant to do - they are the lucky ones who found their calling. Our nurse at Airport Heights Elementary is just one of those people. Nurse Leanne has only been with us a little less than two years, but wow have our students benefited from her finding us! She has gone the extra mile every single day to care for the special needs of our student body. Her big heart, her work ethic and skills are a testament to her generous way of being.

    - Cheryl Childers, peer

  • Quyana to Stephanie Magestro at Williwaw Elementary! Williwaw is blessed with an amazing counselor. Ms. Stephanie wears so many hats and plays so many roles in our school and she does it all with a smile on her face. Our kids know that Ms. Stephanie will always have time for them; she celebrates their successes, helps them work through their struggles, listens to their stories (the good, the bad and the ugly), helps them work through disagreements with one another, and guides us all to make positive and healthy choices. Thank you Ms. Stephanie for all you do!

    - Laurie Fredrick, colleague

  • Quyana to Antavia Hamilton-Ochs at Bartlett High School! Antavia is not only an amazing teacher but an all-around genuine person who truly cares about her students and community. She goes above and beyond, in the classroom and out. She works hard to enable our population to have access to all the benefits other students have. She spends her free time fundraising on weekends so that her students will receive appropriate technology. Antavia is always there to give a welcoming smile to all. She truly embodies what all educators should be: caring adults who inspire children to do more, be more and become something spectacular! Thank you for all that you do daily for our students!

    - Tina Bernoski, peer

  • Quyana to Afshan Mohammad at Eagle River High School! Ms. Mohammad, a science teacher at Eagle River High School, has been a tremendous influence on my boys, Jacob and Blaise. Neither one of them enjoyed science/biology until Ms. Mohammad. They are both excelling in school because of her professionalism and compassion. Quyana! Her dedication, commitment, and genuine care for the students has had a significant impact on my children. She has been available to answer questions not just in class, but during lunch and before/after school as well. Not to mention answering e-mails too. Ms. Mohammad has been a high school educator for over 30 years. No doubt, teaching high school can be stressful, however, Ms. Mohammad clearly understands her calling as an educator.

    - Robin Coy, parent

  • Quyana to Derrick Bell at ASD Warehouse! I'm thankful to Derrick Bell for being so accommodating and helpful. His efforts and assistance make the Super Sweepers cleanup program possible for our schools. He and his staff work under tight deadlines to make sure schools have what they need for the event. He always responds quickly and helps me solve problems when they arise. Quyana!

    - Heather Roach, peer

  • Quyana to Chris McBride at Information Technology! Chris McBride is always helpful and professional; we in Sub Dispatch are so grateful Chris is on our side and is always willing to go the "extra mile" to help us. Chris is very knowledgeable and we appreciate his positive, energetic personality.

    - Sub Dispatch, sub dispatch

  • Quyana to Heather Roach at Communications! Recognizing Heather for the excellent job she does in producing the informative "Inside ASD" newsletter. It is well-planned, attractively arranged, and gives interesting and needed information in a consistently flawless presentation. Heather was also able to provide me with a couple of extra copies that I requested. Thank you, Heather, for doing such a great job and for going the extra mile!

    - Bev Kirk, teacher

  • Quyana to Dana Veitengruber at Bear Valley Elementary School! My son Eli was fortunate to have Dana Veitengruber as his teacher for both 4th and 5th grade. During this two year period I have come to know Dana and deeply appreciate her impact as a teacher on our son and the rest of the Bear Valley students in her classroom. Dana has demonstrated a wonderful balance of compassion and firmness. She has demonstrated a kind and caring heart and genuine nature, and it is evident that she has cultivated a relationship with each child in her class. The students clearly have a high level of respect and admiration for her both as a person and as an educator. My son has excelled in Dana's classroom. During his time in her class, Eli has been an extremely diligent and motivated student, whether working on an extended project or an overnight homework assignment. Standardized testing shows that he has reached high academic standards under her instruction. Dana has proven to be adept at engaging the students in education in a way that is often so much fun that they forget that they are learning. To me, that is the ultimate proof of success as a teacher.

    - Harlow Robinson, parent

  • Quyana to Lauren Hoffman at Chugiak Elementary School! Although Ms. Hoffman was new to our school this year, she stepped right up to take on the extra task of test coordinator. I also appreciate her effectiveness when it comes to writing 504 plans that help our students. She responds quickly in an efficient manner, and more importantly she follows up. Quyana Ms. Hoffman!

    - Beth Amrich, teacher

  • Quyana to Kathy Clawson and Allison Susel at Assessment and Evaluation! Kathy and Allison have done an amazing job taking the lead in rolling out AMP testing for our school district. They are always there to answer questions, have maintained professionalism during stressful times, and are always willing to help when needed -- all with a wonderful and positive attitude. Thank you to the both of them, for all that they have done and continue to do for all of us at ASD!

    - Cindy Hemry, principal

  • Quyana to the Data Site Based Specialists at ASD Elementary Schools! A huge thank you to the Elementary Data Site Based Specialists, who have displayed the utmost level of professionalism throughout the academic school year. These dedicated individuals have worked diligently to develop a capacity for understanding RTI levels of implementation, data dialogue, AIMSweb features, and supporting professional development at their school sites. We value and appreciate their willingness to accept this position of leadership and the positive impact they have on the students and staff of ASD.

    - Christine Dennis and Kaci Stephens, Data SBS Facilitators

  • Quyana to Jason Wall, Katie Madden, Sara Carroll, and Josh Goldsmith at Gruening Middle School! The Grizzly Team teachers have really been exposing their students to quality research. They have helped their students advance from going straight to Google just to fill in a blank, to diving into databases and electronic books for exploratory research. Throughout the year, the teachers have helped scaffold MLA citation lessons with their students. The students really get it! It is amazing to witness a class full of 7th graders sitting down on computers, going straight to quality resources and writing out citations like pros! Thanks for helping give these students a solid foundation to help them be successful in their academic careers!

    - Karen Johnson, Gruening librarian

  • Quyana to Shanti Trevelyan at Denali Montessori School! Ms. Shanti has been an outstanding member of our Denali Montessori community for seven years. This year she was a primary voice in gathering a parking lot committee to improve our arrival and dismissal procedures. Through her actions and perseverance, our signage is improved and much clearer. She organized a safety assembly to explain the new procedures and helped write the communications for the families. Most importantly, because of Ms. Shanti our children are safer and we have a lasting system in place now that will keep them safe in the future. Thank you Ms. Shanti!

    - Ruth Dene, principal

  • Quyana to Mrs. Morton at Fire Lake Elementary! Mrs. Morton has been a great influence on our son. Prior to his second grade year reading had been a difficult journey for him, reading at below grade level and not enjoying the process. Mrs. Morton has helped instill a love of reading in our son. Third quarter has seen a jump to grade level and a huge improvement in his effort. He now enjoys reading, tackling harder chapter books, and makes reading part of his daily routine. We are very grateful to Mrs. Morton's dedication to teaching students and in particular to our son. We owe her a lot of gratitude.

    - Kim and Gary Martin, parents

  • Quyana to Roger Parr, Wendi Hove, Cindy Coonrad, and Stacy Ledgerwood at Kincaid Elementary! Our playground supervisors are fantastic! Rain, wind, shine or snow, they are out there for hours, enthusiastically supervising and interacting positively with the students. They have the difficult task of keeping the kids safe while letting them have some fun and blow off steam. This is a hard balancing act and they do it well! The consistency of having the same team throughout the year has drastically reduced the amount of "playground incidents" that carry over into the classroom as well. We really appreciate Roger, Wendi, Cindy and Stacy and their contributions to our school! They have an often thankless job, but we'd like to extend our thanks to them!

    - Amy DeWall, parent and teacher

  • Quyana to Sarah Afoa at Gladys Wood Elementary! Mrs. Afoa is a kind, gentle soul. She takes the time to acknowledge every student individually in her class, personalizing her conversations with them, letting each child know that she truly cares about their lives. Our children have received letters in the mail addressed to them on breaks thanking them for a gift and letting them know how special they are. Thank you Mrs. Afoa and ASD for building the early foundation needed for success later in school and in life.

    - Dennis and Michelle Nelson, parents

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