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New ASD school allows students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit

March 22, 2017

Applications now accepted for Alaska Middle College School.

District Seeks to Gauge Interest in Language Immersion Programs

March 21, 2017

In recent years, ASD has received various requests to expand its language immersion offerings to include additional languages.

District Looks to Reduce Healthcare Costs With Employer-Sponsored Health Clinic

March 10, 2017

Clinic designed to limit exponential increases in healthcare costs.

JBER Teacher Honored as Northwest District Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year

March 8, 2017

This news release is shared on behalf SHAPE America.

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Upcoming Events

Mar 30

Alaska Middle College School Information Nights

Alaska Middle College School (AMCS) is a collaboration between the Anchorage School District and the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Mar 30

Intermediate Level Adult English Class

Free intermediate level adult English class.

Mar 31

Notification of Lottery Resutls

Both accepted and wait-listed families will be notified.

Mar 31

Lottery System Reopens

Lottery system will reopen for applications for July lottery.

Apr 1

West Side Story

Service High School and Goldenview Middle School present West Side Story, March 30 - April 1.

Apr 1

Becca's Closet

Becca's Closet is an organization which collects formal dresses for high school students who might not otherwise be able to afford to attend prom or homecoming.

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In the Spotlight

Gifted Mentorship Program

The Gifted Mentorship program is now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year. This program is for 11th and 12th grade students who have the self-discipline and interest to pursue independent study under the direction of a professional/expert in a field of interest to the student. The application  deadline is April 21, 2017.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Tirzah Fullmer at Chugiak High School! Quyana to Ms. Tirzah Fullmer, my son's counselor, for being so wonderful to both of us. My son really likes Ms. Fullmer and he is glad she is his counselor. I appreciate how she treats my son and provides great advice to him, and I appreciate how kind and responsive she is to me. I consider counselors to be a critical part of a student's education since they are involved in advising students with their schedules, as well as helping those who want to go to college map out a plan for achieving that goal. Consequently, I'm really grateful my son's high school curriculum and future college aspirations are in good hands. We are both really glad Ms. Fullmer is my son's counselor until he graduates; we appreciate her time and help very much, so a huge Quyana to her from a grateful student and parent.

    - Barbara Green, parent

  • Quyana to Cyndi Addington and Officer Mark Wells at Dimond High School! Quyana to Officer Cyndi Addington and Officer Mark Wells, School Resource Officers at Dimond High School. Their work was outstanding in finding and arresting the thieves who stole money and items out of my car while it was parked in the staff parking lot. Officer Addington went above and and beyond as a resource in the processing of my police report, following up on leads as well as being supportive. So far two women are being held in jail for using my credit card. I am very grateful to them and to the School Resource Officer Program. Thank you!

    - Pamela Lloyd, staff member

  • Quyana to Sven Gustafson and Anaely Hernandez-Leon at Romig Middle School! Thank you and muchos gracias to Principal Gustafson and Sra. Hernandez-Leon for creating an incredible, experience-of-a-lifetime trip to Puerto Rico for 7th and 8th grade Spanish Immersion students. Your hard work, dedication, patience and love for the kids is very much appreciated!

    - Anonymous, parent

  • Quyana to Ernesto Ting at Publication Services! Ernie Ting has always done an excellent job when completing and delivering large print requests. Just recently he went above and beyond by delivering on a very large print request in a very short timeline. Even with a printer malfunction happening on the day we sent him the document, he was still able to get everything printed, counted, and bundled by school in record time. The entire Assessments team appreciates your help in supporting schools with the information they need in a timely matter! Thank you!

    - Cassie Jeremias, Exec Secretary at ASD Ed Center

  • Quyana to Mariah Campbell at Fairview Elementary! Ms. Mariah does so much for families and has personally helped me get my kids to school by helping me find an affordable mechanic to help repair my only vehicle. She offers a peaceful space for parents and students. Thank you!

    - Fairview parent, parent

  • Quyana to Terry Schnese and Rolly Prince at Maintenance! Thank for the outstanding customer service! This was a team effort by two people. I appreciate the prompt service on a service ticket, preemptively addressing the situation before it got any worse. Your attention to detail and willingness with a smile made my day. 

    - Anita Powell, CRS, Communications

  • Quyana to Rachel Roux, Joseph Kach, Janis Reynolds at Kincaid Elementary! This amazing team of 6th grade educators go above and beyond to make sure their students are prepared academically, socially, and emotionally for middle school. Thanks to their genuine love of teaching, enthusiasm for community, and willingness to adventure outside the classroom, my daughter is having one of her best school years yet. Your energy, dedication, and teamwork towards all you do is exceptional! 

    - Kendra Besh and Keith Halsey, parents

  • Quyana to Chris Nesbitt, Jenny McAvoy-Anteau, Jennifer Stansel at Wendler Middle School! Quyana to Chris Nesbitt from I.T., Jenny McAvoy-Anteau, and Jennifer Stansel for working together to provide a universal support at Wendler Middle School in the area of written expression. Their work together to remove barriers by providing tools to support learning is Wendler-full (wonderful).

    - Lance Smith, Assistive Technology

  • Quyana to ASD Snow Removal Team at Operations/Maintenance! I just want to recognize the consistently phenomenal job that the ASD snow removal team has been doing this winter. They do a great job of making a quick sweep through very soon after a snow fall and then, within a day or two, come back through to more thoroughly clear the snow-- even some sidewalks! Thank you to the crew who does this so reliably! We in the schools are grateful for your support!

    - Timothy Andrew, principal

  • Quyana to Wendy Pryor at Education Center! Wendy goes above and beyond to keep the Ed Center clean. She always amazes us with the attention to detail. Thank you Wendy!

    - BVI Department, peer

  • Quyana to Megan Webb at Wendler Middle School! I am very grateful to Miss Megan Webb for the opportunities she provide for student with special needs to experience inclusivity at Wendler.  I was amazed on how she has led her students to dance and interact with students with special needs.  The student made sure that throughout the activity, no one was left behind and all took turns to engage and simply enjoy the company of their peers.  I have heard that this is a weekly opportunity and that students learn a valuable life lesson of acceptance, diversity and accommodation in their lives.  A Heartfelt Thanks to you Miss Webb and the students!!!

    - Maria Del Rosario, parent

  • Quyana to Renee Frost at Alpenglow Elementary! Renee is a huge supporter of our school library. She has donated several books to our collection and always encourages her kindergarteners to check out books. Her students have a love of reading and books due to her encouragement. She is also a supportive staff member who checks on her colleagues and offers her support when needed. She is a huge help and deserves a thank you.

    - Lisa Bunag, peer

  • Quyana to Pam Butcher & KCC Publications Team at Communications! Grateful for Pam and the rest of the KCC Publications team. They have supported implementation of events at both my schools by making posters for use during trainings and events such as the "The Great Kindness Challenge." They made it possible for me to spend more time with students.

    - Angie Jensen, elementary school counselor

  • Quyana to Kathy Tatakis at Central Middle School of Science! Kathy is very much an advocate for the students at her school. I had the pleasure of working with her for the last two years and have seen her help many of her students. Central Middle Science is lucky to have such a dedicated staff member.

    - Julia Streit, peer

  • Quyana to Ernesto Ting at Publication Services! Ernie is always to quick to help out with everything we need. He notices details that we miss and responds promptly. It is a pleasure working with him.

    - Susan Kucera, coworker

  • Quyana to Raynae Hipsak at Rabbit Creek Elementary! It's been my great fortune to work with Mrs. Raynae Hipsak for the last seven years in various capacities at Rabbit Creek Elementary. Our school is not only blessed to have Mrs. Hipsak as a 6th grade teacher, we're especially fortunate to have her function as our Technology coordinator. Mrs. Hipsak works tirelessly to maintain our permanent and mobile labs along with our whiteboard systems. Her "out of the box" thinking has solved numerous tech problems as we've worked through a recent retrofit and migration to new, streamline Dell projector systems. Raynae listens to our concerns and finds the time in her busy day to tend to our technology matters. She's established highly productive relationships with I.T. personnel, and is capable, efficient, articulate and effective when troubleshooting matters of concern with them on our staffs' behalf. Raynae works hard and is a forward thinker, always advocating for advancements in our building's technology that will allow our students and staff to be more successful in whatever their academic and/or professional objectives. We are lucky to have Mrs. Hipsak as a member of the Rabbit Creek Staff. Thanks for all you do, Raynae

    - Jackie Hoover, teacher

  • Quyana to Wendy Leseman at Hanshew Middle School! Wendy Leseman, librarian extraordinaire at Hanshew Middle School, is amazing! She creates such a welcoming environment in the library that students and teachers want to be there. Wendy supports classroom research projects by pulling books and having them on carts so students have easy access to print materials. She always encourages student reading through developing her own creative reading contests. In addition to all this, she supports classroom instruction through mini-lessons such as helping students determine if an internet source is reliable or not. In her "free time," Wendy facilitates lunch-time activities such as the Science Cafe, decorating Christmas cookies, creating greeting cards, etc. Hanshew is so lucky to have Wendy as a librarian as she encourages students to try new experiences -- whether it is discovering a new author, exploring an interesting topic, or just providing a safe place for students to meet in the morning and meet new friends. We are thankful for her cheerful nature and never-ending support of all our needs -- oh, she also volunteers her time with the ski team! We love you, Wendy!

    - Hanshew teachers, peers

  • Quyana to Jennifer Stansel at Wendler Middle School! I would like to thank Wendler Middle school for the support and understanding they have shown my son. Most especially my son's special education teacher Ms. Jennifer Stansel, who always gives suggestions regarding my son's needs. Also a big thanks to the teacher assistant who works very hard to assist Ms. Stansel when the need arises. I'm so happy that Jason is happy in his school; Wendler is one of the best schools with special needs.

    - Emma Arana, parent

  • Quyana to Kaiya Kaltenborn at Rogers Park Elementary! Kaiya and I just started working together this year and I can honestly say I have never worked with someone so kind, flexible, helpful, and just all-around awesome in 18 years of teaching. She has great ideas and shares them! When I didn't have a sub the other day, she just said "bring 'em on" and took my class AND I'm sure they learned a lot even though it wasn't a normal day. Kaiya is collaborative and generous with ideas. Thanks, Kaiya, for being an amazing teaching partner!

    - Janna Walker, peer

  • Quyana to Joyce Huffer at Chugiak High! I started after school had started. She has gone above and beyond making me feel welcomed. She answers all my crazy questions. She always is smiling and makes her office feel warm and inviting to comein. Thank you for letting me be part of the crazy team. 

    - Laura Homan, staff member

  • Quyana to Jesus Ramos at South High! Many thanks to Msgt Coulter, and especially Lt Col Ramos, for spending extra time with the South High JROTC rifle team and preparing the team for the challenges of competition.  Lots of extra practice time and preparation to get them ready for success at the state championship this weekend. I appreciate his mentoring, coaching style and mental preparation. I also noticed a team member from another school asking Lt Col Ramos for advice about stability and footwear. He answered with respect and patience and I thought it said something that a student from another school recognized the potential to learn from him.  It was good to see so many activities and students at East High this Saturday. dancing, skiing, riflery and all kinds of students going to school on a weekend and working hard at their chosen activities.  

    - Gretchen Stoddard, Parent

  • Quyana to Penny Williams at Math Department - ASD Ed Center! Penny Williams goes above and beyond (again and again) to help staff members understand math and the programs/resources ASD has to support students.  She individualizes her presentations, takes time to carefully answer any question, and always invites further conversation.  ASD is so lucky to have her working with our staff (and students) - she really is a Math Whizz!  With greatest respect.

    - D. HOFFBAUER, peer

  • Quyana to Debbie Wakefield at Bayshore Elementary! Mrs. Wakefield has been such a blessing to all of the children at Bayshore Elementary and I'm so thankful that my three kids were also fortunate enough to have her as their music teacher. She has yearly worked her magic with students of all ages to perform in a choir, recorder, or hand chime group. I know she gives up a lot of her time after school for our students and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts. We love you, Mrs. Wakefield! 

    - Misti Maisey, parent

  • Quyana to Brandy Jones, Derek Brewer, Danielle Brister, Amy Sayer, Christine Fisher, Carey Miknich at Dimond High School! Thank you! Salamat! For the team of great teachers like you who impart knowledge, discipline, and individualized approaches to my boy and other students. Every person is unique and I am happy to see that you teach them based on how you assess their strengths and weaknesses. That makes you all great teachers, teaching in a holistic approach.

    - Jackie Llaneza, parent

  • Quyana to Tabitha Layton at Chugiak High School! I've enjoyed working with Tabitha on various projects. But today, I needed a rush favor and I called her with the request. She dropped what she was working on to help me, even though my favor wasn't related to her job at all. I really appreciate her customer service and kindness! Chugiak High is lucky to have her! 

    - Heather Marron, Peer

  • Quyana to Nichole Victory and Ann Dahl at at Kasuun Elementary - SPED department! Many thanks to Ann Dahl and Nichole Victory for all of their support with our sixth graders at Kasuun.  They are the reason our resource students have experienced such great successes this year.  Our team would not be complete without them.

    - Peggy Brannon, Teacher

  • Quyana to Kathleen Mclinn at East Anchorage High School! Quyana to Mrs. Mclinn from one of her students. Kathleen discusses much more than just U.S history and takes her time to have deep class discussions on a regular basis. She also takes the time to discuss racism and looks at the class perspective.

    - Isaiah McKenzie, Student

  • Quyana to Patricia Ahrens at Inlet View Elementary! This year we were all worried who our new principal would be. I am so grateful it is you! I feel supported and looked after by you. You are on top of things and direct us all in the right direction. Thank you!

    - Leah Zumwalt, teacher

  • Quyana to Colonel Rick Strickland and SMSgt Jeff Ullom at West High School!! On behalf of Hanshew Middle School and the Alaska Native American and Native American Leadership Group, we would like  to thank the West HS AFJROTC and Drill and Ceremony Team for their outstanding support. They honored the Hanshew military veterans by presenting the colors and a flawless execution of the D and C Drill. We appreciate and thank them for honoring our proud veterans! 

    - Troy Hodge, Counselor-Peer

  • Quyana to Bartlett Theater Group/Theater Directors at Bartlett High School! Our family would like to send a roaring Quyana to the Bartlett High School Theater Group for an incredible job presenting the play, Beast and Beauty.   The amount of work that went into the production was evident. Promotional materials were highly visible in the community, professional, and eye catching. The set was strikingly innovative and engaging. The costumes were incredible too!   The attention to detail put into planning this event was quite impressive, and I have yet to mention the actors and actresses.   My husband and I were both impressed with how natural the performers were on stage. The chemistry between the actors had us so mesmerized, our family became totally lost in the story.   Well done, Bears!   Thank you for providing this affordable, family friendly event for the community. Our family is looking forward to the spring production.

    - Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, parent and community member

  • Quyana to Elizabeth Tupper-Wilson at Human Resources! Elizabeth is always timely when I submit my summary of hire to bring on fantastic staff. When there is one piece that I miss, she follows up with me to walk me through the process. Her patience and temperament supports me and helps me get things processed as quickly as possible.

    - Shawn Bernard, supervisor, Elementary Special Education

  • Quyana to Julie Trim at Dimond High School! I would like to recognize Julie Trim, school psychologist, for her immense efforts in assisting the Chinook Elementary special education team with our caseload during our time without a school psychologist assigned to our school. Julie went above and beyond with her time to support our special education staff and students. Thank you for helping us out during a busy first semester! Your skills and talents are phenomenal!

    - Pamela Momany, SPED Department Chair

  • Quyana to Kara Eddy at Taku! Ms. Eddy went above and beyond expectations to present a well developed ALICE training to the staff of Taku Elementary.  Her sensitivity to the issue and in depth knowledge has increased the safety of the staff and students of Taku Elementary.

    - Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Julie Besch at Hanshew Middle School, Ed Tech! Fortunately for Hanshew Middle School, Julie Besch is our Ed Tech. She rarely sits at her desk, but instead goes to teachers' classrooms to coach them on the latest technology, or make sure everything is set up correctly. If there's a problem, she sticks with it until it is resolved. What's most impressive is that no matter how many requests for assistance she gets, she maintains a positive attitude. She and her amazing husband, Bob Besch, are an integral part of Hanshew, and we couldn't be happier! 

    - Hanshew Middle School, Teachers

  • Quyana to Katie Greenhalgh at Inlet View Elementary! Katie has been my T.A. for three years. She is amazing. She goes above and beyond. She is my right hand and knows instinctively when to step in and is amazing with the kids. She will volunteer for several hours in our class, unpaid. I don't know what I would do without her! Katie, thank you. You are amazing.

    - Beth Kemp, teacher

  • Quyana to Casey King at Tyson Elementary! You are kind and great friend. I appreciate your help with Project LEAP. Thanks to you I am more patient and compassionate with my students.

    - Leah Zumwalt, teacher

  • Quyana to Yvonne Gonzalez at Chugiak Elementary! We would like to say Muchas Gracias to Srta. Gonzalez for helping to make our second grader's school year the best one so far. Our son had trouble concentrating, behaving and did not like school very much. Since being in Srta. Gonzalez's classroom, our son loves school and is achieving his full potential. Srta. Gonzalez has worked with him and made him excited to learn and happy to go to school. We are so thankful for her hard work every day and are excited to see how far he can grow!

    - Leigh Wright, parent

  • Quyana to Special Education Support Team at Mountain View Elementary! ! The special education support team, Mrs. Hye Suh, Ms. Kalei Uwekoolani, and Ms. Emma Steinzig, make a commitment to helping all students and families here at school  They are on duty every morning here at school greeting kids and families and making sure students are safe and feel welcome.  There support goes far beyond their job description and as a team they are all deserving of praise!

    - Elliot Stiassny, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Katelyn Vallee at Mountain View Elementary!! This 2nd grade teacher puts a tremendous amount of work into making sure her students feel safe, cared for, and listened to.  The commitment to social emotional learning is at the forefront in her class and the improvement in students attitude and behavior is deserving of tremendous praise.

    - Elliot Stiassny, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Sara Paulson at Physical Education, Bowman Elementary ! Mrs. Paulson does a fantastic job with her students at Bowman. She goes above and beyond to organize activities for the students and their families to donate to those in need in our community. She always has a smile on her face. Thank you for all that you do, Mrs. Paulson! 

    - Megan Sherman , parent

  • Quyana to Jake Peterson at Abbott Loop Elementary! Jake delivered an awesome, comprehensive training on ALICE to staff during in-service on 10/28/16. Kudos for a job well done! The training accomplished its goal: Keep Abbot Loop community safe. Abbott Loop staff were trained in the ALICE procedures and Jake conducted the training with enthusiasm, vigor, and efficiency. He covered the training material with little to no stress to all. We benefitted from the training and are better informed as a result of the training given by Jake. Thank you! 

    - Hamimah Bjorkman, Teacher

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