• Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | Main Phone: (907) 742-4468 | Fax: (907) 742-7808
    Location: 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska 99504

Services Offered

    • Develop and submit large district grants
    • Assist schools and programs with school, program or classroom grants
    • Research and communicate funding opportunities
    • Provide grant-writing resources
    • Create, communicate and monitor for compliance district procedures for applying for grants and for getting started on managing a grant
    • Review proposals for quality assurance, ethical considerations, and for compliance with grant regulations and other requirements
    • Assist grant managers with beginning process of post-award management
    • Track and report on competitive grant submittals and receipt of donations
    • Provide historical information on district grants
    • Provide grant-writing workshops and trainings
    • Collaborate on partnership grants with external agencies and organizations

Development Officer (acting)

Department Overview

  • The Development and Grants department assists schools, teachers and ASD departments with researching and applying for competitive grants and funding opportunities. Financial contributions from community members to the Anchorage School District help support programs that directly assist our students. These programs aim to help students succeed in school despite barriers that make getting to school and staying in school a challenge. Alternative school programs and student and family assistance programs offer help with school supplies and other basic needs that might not be met outside of school. These programs help create a more equitable educational environment to help us achieve our mission of educating all students for success in life.


    If you are interested in making a contribution to ASD, please fill out our donation form and contact the Development and Grants department. You may direct your gift to you school, to a specific ASD department, or to one of our programs. Several examples of ASD programs are listed below. Thank you for your support of ASD students. 


    Child in Transition (CIT):  ASD’s Child in Transition Program (CIT) provides services and supports to students and families that are or become homeless during the school year. CIT's main focus is providing educational stability, enrollment assistance and academic support to our students. Through generous community donations and grant funding, CIT assists some families and students with supports that help on their path to self-sufficiency. Some examples of this support are school supplies, clothing vouchers, grocery store gift cards and phone cards. With these supports and collaboration with community partners, CIT strives to give students and families the supports they need to succeed academically and to put themselves on the path to sustainable permanent housing.


    SAVE: SAVE (Specialized Academic Vocational Education) is an alternative high school within the Anchorage School District that specializes in working with juniors and seniors who are significantly behind in credit. Our highly qualified teachers provide academic curriculum including math, science, English, social studies, and physical education. Academics are combined with vocational experience training, service learning, and community involvement. Students attend SAVE for three periods, either in the morning or in the afternoon, after which they attend King Tech or work at a local business. SAVE High School specializes in “meeting the student where he or she is.” Coursework is tailored to individual student needs, and student performance goals are set to meet the expectation of earning a diploma and graduating from high school. 


    Benny Benson Alternative High School programs:


    Crossroads is a specialized program offered to pregnant and parenting teens in grades 9th-12th. The primary goal of Crossroads is to help students stay on track to graduate from high school, while supporting the student in having a healthy pregnancy and a good start to parenting their child, if they choose to raise their child.


    Night School: The Night School program is for students that are working a day job or have other obligations that prohibit them from attending school during the day. The night school program offers students that are behind in credits an accelerated path to graduation, meaning students can earn credits faster than if at a traditional high school. 


    Step Up Program: One of two special placement programs are available for students who meet the requirements of having experienced long-term suspension or expulsion. This program helps students get back on track to graduate and/or reinstated to their home school while developing work and life skills.