Reading for Life: Video Series

  • reading for lifewaving girl


    The district is making a series of adjustments to its reading instruction to help students become better readers. Reading is foundational for students’ academic journeys, future opportunities and overall success.


    The following series of short videos are designed to help our families understand and navigate the new expectations of our students in the area of reading and comprehension.

  • Profession vs Non-Progression

    If a K-3 student is scoring "well below” in reading assessments, the teacher will talk with parents about progression or non-progression options for next school year.  This video helps explain what that means and the options for families. 

  • Support Student Success by Tracking Attendance

    Students who miss about two days a month are typically not reading at grade level by third grade. 

  • Preparing for Teacher Conferences

    Parent conferences are short. Get tips on how to make the most of your time with your child’s teacher.

  • Tips to Help with Reading

    There are five elements of reading. Learn some fun activities to help your child in each of the five areas.

  • Learning to Read in ASD this Year

    There's a new state law about reading. Find out what this means for young elementary students in ASD classrooms.


  • Partnering with Parents to Help Students Improve Their Reading Skills

    Reading assessment scores - how to read your child’s report.

  • Starting the School Year Off Right

    In ASD, Kindergarten is more than play and naps. Learn how to set the foundation for success in early elementary years.