Visiting a School

  • Every day there are great things happening in our 90+ schools that are worthy of media coverage and you are happily invited into our classrooms to see learning first-hand.


    With advance notice, we can help set up interviews with staff or students to be the “experts” for your story. Advance notice is also beneficial as many times students need media releases signed by their parents in order to be a part of the story.


    If you’d like to visit a school, please contact the Communications Department prior to your arrival. If you've already scheduled the story with a school, please give us a quick email or phone call letting us know you plan to be there, that way we can quickly assist if any problems arise.


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  • Scholastic Award of Librarian Champion of Civic Engagement--Tudor Elem

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    Michelle Carton, Tudor Elementary librarian/media specialist, has been recognized this fall as the Scholastic Librarian Champion of Civic Engagement. John Schumacher, Mr. Schu, will be visiting Tudor Elem on February 12 to personally meet Ms. Carton and present her award.

    Mr. Schu will arrive at Tudor at approximately 1:30 with the presentation of the award in the Tudor Elem library for K-3rd grade students; at 2:45 to 4-6th grade students.

    Tudor principal is Nicole Sommerville


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