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ASD Education Center

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Education Center map graphic‌Location and mailing address
5530 E Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99504-3135


8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Most administrative offices are located at the Education Center. Demographics, Facilities, Information Technology, Maintenance, Operations, Purchasing/Warehouse, Student Nutrition and Transportation have other locations.


See our department list for a full list of all offices and their locations. Our organizational chart shows how ASD is structured.



Education Divisions

Elementary School Education

Glen Nielsen, Executive Director
List of elementary schools | School day schedules


Secondary Education

Mike Henry, Executive Director
List of middle schools | List of high schools | School day schedules


Special Education

Cindy Anderson, Executive Director
Special Education website


Frequently contacted

Visit our department list or school list for a full directory of facilities and their contact information.


Employees and EmploymentInstructional Support Services

Payroll: 907-742-4103


Human Resources: 907-742-4115 or 907-742-4116


Substitute Dispatch: 907-742-4133


Benefits: 907-742-4200

Superintendent: 907-742-4312


Curriculum: 907-742-4464


Records Management: 907-742-4607


Special Education: 907-742-4236

Maintenance: 907-348-5111




Demographics/GIS Services: 907-348-5190


Student Nutrition: 907-348-5142



Online suggestion boxes

ASD welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions. We have several permanent online comment boxes and at any given time we may be asking for comments about other topics.

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The searchable employee directory has all district employees except substitutes and temporary employees.


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