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‌ASD Health/Social and Emotional Learning Specialists teach health full-time for all grade levels at two or three different schools on a rotating basis. Health is taught with fidelity and through interactive and hands-on activities. The K-6 adopted curriculum is The Great Body Shop(GBS). This is a comprehensive health education curriculum that covers the 10 topic areas of health while promoting critical thinking as the best way to avoid preventable illness and injury.


This research-based curriculum is included on the National Registry of Effective Programs, has been rated as excellent in CASEL's Safe and Sound List of Evidence-Based Social and Emotional Learning Programs, and has been identified as reducing high-risk behaviors and increasing protective factors by The Center for Evaluation and Research with Children and Adolescents (CERCA).


Middle School The Great Body Shop Book Cover High School Health Education book Book about Teen health and fitness.


Sixth graders in middle school learn health as an extension of, and in conjunction with, their science and PE curriculums. The adopted curriculum, as with the elementary schools, is The Great Body Shop and Glencoe/McGraw Hill Teen Health Course 1.‌‌


One semester of eighth-grade health is required of all middle school students. The adopted text is Health, Prentice Hall, 2010. This course offers effective health instruction methods that are active and promote personal responsibility, lifelong learning, critical thinking, cooperation, and use interdisciplinary approaches. The major topic areas include personal health, nutrition, physical development, social development, human growth and development, substance abuse and use. Students will practice reflective, active observation and examination of their choices and the affect on personal, family and social well being.


High School  


ASD does not have a requirement for health to graduate. However, there is a graduation requirement of 1.5 PE credits. Therefore, any‌health course taken during high school is allotted PE or elective credit.  Three semesters of physical education, passing the required Lifetime Personal Fitness course plus.5 credit from the lifetime activity courses plus.5 additional credit from any health and/or physical education class can fulfill graduation requirements.


Anchorage School District also offers Career Pathways that serve as an organizational tool to help guide the development of programs of study to bridge students from high school to all post graduation opportunities.  ASD has 44 Career Pathways including those in Health fields, represented throughout the high schools and the King Career Center. Career Technical Education, CTE, provides rigorous career pathways that will lead students through a program of studies that emphasizes 21st century academic and technical skills to meet the challenges of post-secondary education and lead to viable positions in the workforce.


*Please speak with your student or his/her health teacher if you have any questions about the curriculum content or the instructional approach or strategies.


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