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  • Please review the Assessment and Survey Calendar for specific assessment information by grade level and dates of administration.


    About AK STAR

    The Alaska System of Academic Readiness (AK STAR) and the Alaska Science Assessment are computer-based assessments administered to students in Grades 3-9 (English language arts and mathematics) and grades 5, 8 and 10 (science) each spring during the state-designated testing window.  AK STAR and the Alaska Science Assessment are state-required assessments that provide students with the opportunity to show their understanding of important skills in these content areas at their grade level.



    Results for AK STAR and the Alaska Science Assessments are generally reported each fall.  Additional support resources for Parents and Guardians, including how to access their child's scores in ParentConnect, assessment Parent Guides and links to supplementary support documents are located on the Parent Connect Assessment Results & Interpretive Guides section of the ASD Assessment website.  Please see the additional list of Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.


    Q: Why are last spring's 2023 results being provided now, a year later?

    A: The Department of Education reviewed policies and cut scores to align the overall assessment system, which delayed the release of the spring 2023 results.


  • AK STAR and Alaska Science Assessment Overview and State Resources

     The State of Alaska Department of Education (DEED) provides resources to help better understand AK STAR and Alaska Science Assessment and connect to curriculum, instruction and student learning.


    Examples: Test Design and Blueprints, Item Types, Alaska Standards information, FAQs and Accommodations and Student Supports.

  • AK STAR and Alaska Science Assessment Student Readiness Resources

    Student readiness resources are available to help prepare students for AK STAR and the Alaska Science Assessment.


    The AK STAR and Alaska Science Assessment Practice Tests and Tutorials are designed to provide students a hands-on opportunity to experience the test environment and are available to students, educators, parents and the community.

ASD FAQs - AK STAR, Alaska Science Assessment and DLM Alternate Assessment Score Reporting

  • How/When will parents receive AK STAR and Alaska Science Assessment or Alternate Assessment results?

  • How are the School-Level results reported?

  • How are the Student-Level results reported and what do the scores mean?

  • What do the stars mean on the Alaska Science Assessment Student-Level results under Reporting Category Performance?

  • How do the AK STAR scores align to MAP Growth Benchmark Scores?

  • What about proficiency? Are these pass/fail assessments?

  • Looking for additional AK STAR and Alaska Science Assessment score reporting resources?