Dr. Celeste Long

Long A consummate professional during her 25-year tenure in the Anchorage School District, Chugach Optional Elementary School Teacher Dr. Long is unwavering in her commitment to students and families.


As a primary teacher for Chugach, Dr. Long spends much of her time dedicated to her students. They are always first in her eyes and her attitude, words, and dedication reflect that vision.


Dr. Long’s dedication continues in her virtual classroom – where her classes are rigorous, engaging, and kids feel connected in a new learning environment.

One parent wrote, “My daughter who is now in sixth grade shared with me that Dr. Long’s class remains the one and one class she truly felt challenged to stretch as far as she can academically.”


Dr. Long is celebrated as an ambassador for the teaching profession. She constantly pushes her boundaries, reflecting her commitment as a lifelong learner.


Chugach Optional Principal Dr. Clare Hill commended Dr. Long for her tireless work and great dedication to the education profession. “Children are always first in the eyes of Dr. Long. Her attitude, words, and dedication reflect that vision. Her passion is in the classroom and staying connected to children as their teacher,” Hill said.


Dr. Long continues to set the bar high at Chugach Optional by being invaluable to her students. One student said of Dr. Long, “Out of all the teachers I had, she was the one that challenged me the most and encouraged me to learn. The impact she had on me and other students is enormous. She set me off to such a great start to my learning and did the same for so many others.”


In a letter written of support, one parent wrote, “In a very small of amount of time, she’s been able to get my son to be present for his Zoom classes, but to be participant and an in-charge learner. Watching her facilitate online dialogue with the class is nothing short of amazing.”


The Administration invites the Board to join in recognizing Dr. Long as a Denali Award winner for the example of excellence she sets for the entire Anchorage School District community.