Mrs. Anina Felise-Fogamomi and Mrs. Karen Johnson

Team Ptarmigan Team-Administrative Duo


Ptarmigan Elementary School’s administrative support team of Mrs. Anina Felise-Fogamomi and Mrs. Karen Johnson are known as knowledgeable and compassionate mentors. Parents and staff describe Johnson and Felise-Fogamomi as the “dream team” and the “dynamic duo” of Ptarmigan.


Ptarmigan Principal Kelly Ramey is proud of how her administrative team works together to support families, staff, students, saying, “The working relationship of the front office is vital to a school’s success. Each of them take the time to understand a parents’ need and gets the help they’re looking for in a timely manner. It’s a great honor that I get to work with these two ladies.”


Many students wrote letters of support. One student said of both, “They always help me, other students, and especially adults and teachers. I respect them like a teacher.”


Mrs. Johnsons’ joyful laugh and Mrs. Felise-Fogamomi’s thoughtfulness and kindness are hard to miss; they are often the first interactions people have when arriving in the morning. Despite 400 students at the school, they both dedicate themselves to knowing students’ names, their families, and their special circumstances.


The connection to students and their homes is noticed by families. One parent said, “They feel like your own family. They know the students and parents in the school and treat each of them as though they are the most important thing. Karen will stop what she is doing to help a student who is having a rough day. Anina will walk students to their class when it looks like they need help. I don’t know two people more deserving of recognition.”


The Administration invites the Board to join in recognizing Anina Felise-Fogamomi and Karen Johnson Denali Award winners for the example of excellence they set for the entire Anchorage School District community.