Robyn Wallace

WallaceRobyn Wallace is an exceptional special education paraprofessional who strives for collaborative and cooperative working relationships with all involved in the education and care of students with disabilities.

She is patient and kind and doesn't give up on students..She sees their true potential.

Mrs. Wallace seeks out training experience and feedback to ensure she meets the needs of all students. She believes in effective, research-based behavior management and instructional strategies. She is a behavior plan master, and ensures she follows each child's plan with fidelity to ensure positive progress is made.

Robyn is knowledgeable about best practice in working with a large range of disability categories including autism spectrum disorders, serious emotional disturbance, and developmental and learning disabilities. She ensures students are educated in the least restrictive environment, in the general education classroom with their peers, providing the support and resources needed. She ensures the services provided are mutually beneficial and ethical.


Robyn addresses the needs of students who often present significant challenges, even to those in the profession who are well prepared and highly qualified.. She is able to watch for potential problems and prevent escalation and has the skills to manage crisis situations. She is an active listener and gives students total and complete focus. She listens closely and without judgment. Robyn sets clear and positive limits by stating specific boundaries and following the behavior plan set for her students. She spends a great deal of time tracking the behavior of students to identify the times when negative or disruptive behavior occurs in the classroom. She models prosocial skills such as cooperation, sharing work, and emotionally supporting others who are in distress. Robyn offers choices instead of giving orders by presenting the student with a work task that needs to be accomplished and then offering options for activities the student would like to engage in after the work task is completed. She is a true model of how paraprofessionals can change the trajectory of a child's life through inclusive practices.