Christopher Lubken

LubkenAs staff at Service High School enjoy their morning coffee while preparing for students, they are treated, many mornings, to the melodious music of Service’s Jazz Band, instructed and conducted by Christopher Lubken. While the staff are collaborating and prepping, Christopher is already busy engaging his class with music like "Cotton Tail", "Music from the Incredibles", and "In a Mellow Tone" and other popular and familiar songs. He is a delightful teacher and a strong coworker who provides his best for his students and colleagues every day. 

Christopher is known for his ability to write Donors Choose grants. This year alone he has received funding for at least seven projects, acquiring marching band quint bass and snare drum harnesses, a collection of Charles Mingus Jazz music, drum stands, and music cases for his students. He has amassed thousands of dollars from Donors Choose alone.

In the past, he has earned funds from the Rasmuson Foundation and the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce to better allow his students access to musical instruments, equipment, and music. Moreover, he takes the lead and willingly supports his coworkers in their efforts to get additional funds for their classrooms and students.  

Christopher also extends his professional passion to his staff. He spearheaded a drumline class at Service, cultivating not only a variety of students, but also teachers, on that instrument.

He graciously offers to tutor staff on percussion instruments, including his steel drum percussion set.

He is an affable and thoughtful ear to those who need it, and is currently the PTSA liaison for staff, attending and facilitating monthly meetings between staff and parents.

He provides his time at the feeder school, Hanshew Middle School, to cultivate not only those students’ talents but also the Service High School and Anchorage School District music programs.

Finally, if anyone attends an event at Service, be assured that Christopher Lubken will be there, either as the band conductor who allows his students to shine for the community, or as a staff member, supporting all Service students, staff, and the community. 

Monumental employees like Christopher Lubken are highly deserving of the Denali Award.