Required Documentation for Requests

  • For any research to be conducted at ASD it must meet a high standard of human ethics that protects the privacy, safety, and well-being of students, teachers, parents, and staff. ASD Staff will not allow surveys or research to occur in the facility they supervise unless the individual or organization that wishes to conduct the survey or research can demonstrate prior written approval from ASD leadership. 

  • The following types of requests will not be approved: 

    • Research requests submitted by outside researchers or organizations that require parent consent. ASD does not permit non-anonymous student surveys from the general public. 
    • Research requests that ask for student records or personal identifiable information in student records. 



    No research project can be approved without the submission of complete and final copies of all research proposal documentation that apply to the request. This may include:

    • Approved Thesis Proposal OR Dissertation Proposal/Prospectus OR Research Plan
    • Written plan for population sampling and data gathering method(s)
    • Data collection instruments (Surveys, Interview Guide, etc.) 
    • IRB/Ethics Board Approval (Full Form) 
    • Consent Forms OR Parental Permission Slips 
    • Data Storage and Security Plan (Include all who will have access to data at any point of research) 
    • Letters of Approval from the principals or program managers associated with the research site/population which show specific approval of requested research 


    Send all applicable documentation to