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  • 2023-2026 School Year Calendar Project


    March 31, 2022 Update: School Year Calendar Community Survey


    The District's Calendar Committee has developed school year calendar draft options that are open for community comment from March 31st, 2022 to April 7th, 2022. There are two (2) drafts to be considered by the community at this time: Draft A follows the traditional calendar formula that the District has followed for the last seventeen (17) school years; Draft B presents a shift to the traditional formula, moving the school start date two days earlier to allow for an additional closure day in the months of October and April. Draft B is responsive to feedback received from stakeholders in our facilitated Zoom meetings in 2022, and responsive to suggestions received in the 2018 School Year Calendar Community Survey.


    Click here to view 2023/2024 Draft A


    Click here to view 2023/2024 Draft B


    After reviewing Draft A and Draft B, the District asks employees, students, parents, and community members, to take a brief survey to share your opinion on which calendar is preferred. 


    Click here to take the 2023/2024 School Year Calendar Community Survey


    Once a calendar formula is approved by the Board, the District may use the selected formula for the 2024/2025, and 2025/2026 school years as well.


    January 5, 2022 Update: Facilitated Stakeholder Meetings


    The District's Labor Relations Office is facilitating the 2022 convening of the School Year Calendar Committee. In the spring of 2022 the Calendar Committee will be recommending School Year Calendar options to the Superintendent for the years 2023/2024, 2024/2025, and 2025/2026. Prior to the Calendar Committee creating draft calendars for Superintendent review, the District will receive input/recommendations from four (4) different groups:


    Students- Via the Student Advisory Board, January 11, 2022


    Employee Unions- Via facilitated Zoom Meeting, February 14, 2022


    External Stakeholders- Via facilitated Zoom Meeting, February 22, 2022


    Open Community (All others; individual students, employees, parents, and community members)- Via facilitated Zoom Meetings on February 15, 2022.


    Calendar Project Zoom Meetings

    After a brief presentation of the process used for our School Year Calendar project, we will ask the following three questions in each Zoom meeting with each stakeholder group. Two of these questions are posed in response to the most common feedback received during the prior convening of the Calendar Committee (2018).

    1. Are you satisfied with ASD's approach of starting the academic year prior to Labor Day, and ending the school year prior to Memorial Day? Yes or No
    2. Are you in favor of a week-long Thanksgiving break in November, if it meant starting school three days earlier in the fall? Yes or No
    3. Please identify two (2) changes that may improve the calendar for you or your stakeholders.

    Each Zoom meeting will be recorded and feedback compiled by Labor Relations and provided to the Calendar Committee to consider while creating drafts to be shared with the community via survey. 


    School Calendar Board Policy

    BP 6111 School Calendar


    The Superintendent or designee shall recommend to the School Board a school calendar that will meet the requirements of the law as well as the needs of the community, students and the work year as negotiated with district personnel.


    The school calendar shall show the beginning and ending school dates, legal and local holidays, orientation and teacher inservice days, number of teaching days, vacation periods and other pertinent dates. The Superintendent may grant calendar waivers for individual schools.


    Click here to read Board Policy 6111 in full


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