• Maternity 


    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known as the Affordable Care Act) amended section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to require employers to provide covered employees a “reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk.” Employers are also required to provide covered employees “a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.” These rules apply only to hourly employees subject to the requirements of the FLSA, but the Anchorage School District has extended applicability to all ASD employees as a matter of district practice.


    Click here for more information on protections for nursing mothers


    Supervisors are expected to follow the Department of Labor guidelines when accommodating breastfeeding functions during all school sponsored programs and activities. The district follows an interactive process to accommodate the needs of nursing mothers. The process encourages the supervisor and employee to arrive at a reasonable and mutually agreeable plan that will allow the nursing mother to pump/express milk during the work day in a manner that does not impact instruction or the work environment.


    If you are a nursing mother in need of accommodations, please contact your supervisor or principal.