Student Grievance Process

  • The Student Grievance process provides a resolution procedure through which a student may allege a violation of their civil rights, including sex-based discrimination or sexual harassment in violation of Title IX. A Student Grievance may also address credit, scheduling, or staff and student relationships, including classroom discipline and attendance.

  • Process Procedures

    Please Note

    Students are encouraged to work with their school's principal or
    other school staff if they have questions about how to file a Student Grievance or about other aspects of the process.

    1. Students are always encouraged to discuss their concern with their school principal, who may be able to resolve the concern at the school level without having to resort to the grievance process.
    2. If your principal is not able to resolve your concern, you may file a grievance. The grievance must be in writing on the Student Grievance Form. Student Grievance forms can be obtained from the principal's office or downloaded.
    3. Complete the Student Grievance form and return it to the principal's office.
    4. Grievances must be initiated within 30 school-days of the alleged act.
    5. Student Grievances will be investigated by a school principal and will be completed within 20 school days from receipt of the Grievance absent exceptional circumstances.
    6. The investigation should include, at a minimum, interviews of the Grievant and Respondent(s), interviews of any witnesses, and review of any other relevant evidence.
    7. The principal may seek guidance from their supervisor or from the District's Compliance/EEO Office, particularly if the grievance alleges sex-based discrmination, sexual harassment, race or national origin discrimination, disability discrimination, or some other harassment or discrimination-related civil rights compliance concern.
    8. The principal will report the findings of the investigation and recommend resolution to the Grievant and Respondent(s).
    9. Nothing in this procedure limits the student's right to file a complaint directly with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, or the Municipality of Anchorage's Ombudsman's Office.

Definition of Terms

    • Grievance - Alleged violation of a state or federal law, school board policy, district rules or administrative regulations, or school administrative policies.
    • Grievant - A student who files a grievance against another person. 
    • Respondent - The person against whom a grievance is filed.