• Filing a discrimination or harassment complaint 


    There are three distinct complaint procedures available to individuals who feel they have been discriminated against, harassed, or otherwise treated in a manner that violates law or Anchorage School District policy. 


    The District's Student Grievance processes are described below. Follow the appropriate links for further information and/or to pursue filing a formal complaint. 


    Student Grievance Process

    A student may file a grievance to allege a violation of civil rights, including but not limited to a claim of sexual harassment or discrimination in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The student grievance process also covers claims of discrimination by another student or by school staff because of race, disability, religion, national origin or other protected class status. A student may also file a grievance related to concerns about academic credit, scheduling, staff and student relationships, classroom discipline and attendance, and other matters.


    This Student Grievance Process is available to students and/or their parents or guardians on behalf of a student. 


    Click here for information on how to file a Student Grievance


    External Agencies

    An Anchorage School District employee, applicant for employment, or ASD student who chooses not to file a complaint through district processes, or who is unsatisfied with the determination following a district complaint investigation, may file a complaint with an external agency.


    Click here for information on how to file with an external agency