History of the Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee



      • Final adoption of new ASD Board Policy manual, January 2018.
      • Board Policy section 213.2 – Duties of the Superintendent, now numbered BP 2122. Administrative Regulation outlining advisory committees to the Superintendent is currently being finalized prior to posting.

    October 2012

      • School board policy 177.3 deleted.
      • School board policy section 213.2, Superintendent Advisory Committees, added to Duties of the Superintendent. 

    July 1994 - October 2005

      • MECAC acronym changed to Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee in 2005.
      • School board policy 177.3 was amended in 1994, 1996 and 2005.
      • Minority Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC) established in 1994.
      • Citizen's Advisory Educational Concerns Committee (CAECC) eliminated. 



      • CAECC guidelines amended June 12, 1990.


    • CAECC guidelines amended, October 1977
    • In July and August 1979, Board Policy was amended as provided in Section 173.3 to establish the CAECC officially as an advisory arm of the School Board.



    • In February 1974, the School Board established an ad hoc group composed primarily of minority community members and District staff in response to complaints and concerns expressed by community members.
    • In October 1975, the School Board authorized formation of the Citizens' Advisory Educational Concerns Committee