• Total number of routes: 228
    Current active routes: 172
    Total shortage of drivers: 56
    updated 9/27

  • School Bus


  • Why is the District unable to provide full-time bussing for all eligible students?

  • What is ASD doing to mitigate the impact on students/families?

  • What is a rotating bus route schedule?

  • How do I know which routes have been reinstated?

  • Why was the rotating bus routes plan selected?

  • What areas of the community will be affected by the limited bus service?

  • What traffic delays should I expect during Cohort 2 bus transportation?

  • Who is impacted?

  • Are after-school activities or sports impacted by driver shortage?

  • How long does it take to train a bus driver?

  • What is the status of the hiring process?

  • What other options were explored?

  • What options do parents have for distance/virtual learning if they can’t get their children to school?

  • Is it required by law to provide bus services?

  • Is it required by law to reimburse families for driving their own students to school?

  • What can families and the community do to help?

  • How many students have bus service right now, and how many do not?

  • Is ASD excusing absences if students are not able to make it to school due to transportation issues?

  • How will the District prevent this from happening again?