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    List of Business Partners by School



    Anchorage School Business Partnerships (SBP) started in 1991 and functions as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors that provides guidance and direction for the program as a whole.  Currently, there are more than 600 active partnerships with an economic value of over $1.2 million.  Partnerships range from a one-person business involved with one school to large corporations involved with schools throughout the district.  


    Our Goals

    • Foster meaningfully and impactful relationships between business and schools
    • Develop quality partnerships for the benefit of all Anchorage School District students and staff
    • Cultivate opportunities for career and workforce development

  • Cornerstone Sponsors

    We want to thank all those who give generously to SBP.  Many Business Partners give directly to their School Partner, there are a handful of partners who give directly to support the operations of SBP.  The following businesses and organizations are our Cornerstone Sponsors.

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