• Becoming a Business Partner 


    Until our new data system is up and running (May 2020).


    STEP 1 – Register your business in our new SBP Connect system coming soon - May 2020!

    The steps will be simple as easy to follow.


    STEP 2 – Sign-up and search for school partnership opportunities (in the SBP Connect system) that fit your business needs by grade level, school or activity type.

    Not seeing an opportunity that fits your business' mission? No problem, you can make a custom offer directly to a desired school(s), grades, or district wide.


    STEP 3 – Not sure what types of partnership would work best for your organization? Search through our on-line business toolkit & resources: Explore the possibilities!



    All Types of Business Welcome!

    Partnerships can be a one-person business involved in a single classroom or a large corporation reaching out to many schools across the district. Because every business is unique, there is no cookiecutter model for what a partnership should look like. 


    Business Benefits

    SBP provides networking opportunities that build and enhance relationships between schools and businesses. In addition, participants may receive recognition in SBP and Anchorage School District publications as well as media coverage of partnership activities. 


    Student Benefits

    Through real business experiences, students learn employable skills to help them become college and career ready. They also learn social and emotional skills necessary to prepare them for life.