• Leave Requests


    ASD offers several different leave benefits to its employees. Depending on the bargaining unit agreement, the following leaves accumulate and may be used differently. Consult the bargaining unit agreement booklet for specific benefit arrangements. There may be other leave benefits that are not named below that have been negotiated as part of contract agreements with different bargaining units. Depending on the agreement, these additional leave benefits may include Cashable Annual Leave and Wellness Leave. 

    Leave benefits may include:

    • Sick Leave
    • Annual Leave/Personal leave
    • Legal Leave
    • Civic Leave
    • Emergency Leave
    • Military Leave
    • Non-work days
    • Paid Holidays
    • Professional Leave
  • Leave usage is always dependent on how much accrued leave is available to the employee and what is outlined in their bargaining unit contract.


    AEA members enter all leave requests into Aesop, the Absence Management System, with the exception of FMLA and Worker's Compensation.  Here is a link to the Aesop Employee Guide.  If leave is associated with FMLA and or Worker's Compensation, you must also submit a request in EmpCenter.


    All Other Unions:  Short-term leave requests need to be submitted in EmpCenter.


    There are different types of time off requests in EmpCenter and each contract has specific leave options.  This job aid will assist you in choosing the correct request type based on your individual contract.




Emergency Leave