• Secondary Special Education Department (SSE)

    The Middle School Special Education Program provides education services for students in the least restrictive learning environment. ASD provides a continuum of placement options on its 10 middle school campuses, which ensure individual program design as specified in the student's IEP. The middle school student's educational program initiates the post-secondary transition focus towards helping the student increase their independence and to make a successful transition to their goals for life after secondary school. 


    High School Special Education provides a range of instructional, vocational, transition and support services for students attending the eight comprehensive high schools, the alternative and optional schools, and in the community. Students in high school special education receive services within a continuum ranging from support and assistance within general education classes to specialized instruction in special education classrooms. Specialized classes are available for students who need highly structured learning environments, affective education, study skills, and basic life skills with an alternate curriculum.

    The IEP team determines the educational placement for each student after thoughtful and careful dialogue regarding the functional and academic needs of the student. 


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