• Fall: Patterns

    Students learn how to safely use their five sense to make observations, exploring patterns in local weather and in plants throughout the seasons. Students make observations and collect data to show that weather is continuously changing, yet similar patterns repeat over time. Students recognize patterns in our everyday lives and learn how to record, compare, and analyze observed patterns and changes.



    • Patterns in routines
    • Patterns in weather
    • Patterns in seasons
    • Patterns in plants
  • Spring: Forces and Interactions

    Students use ramps and rolling objects such as an assortment of balls and toy cars to explore pushes, pulls, changes in direction and collisions. As students carry out investigations, they record their observations in a science notebook. They analyze their data through models, graphs, and scientific illustrations, and support claims made about movement with evidence collected. In the culminating activity, students design and build a structure with a specific purpose to solidify the basic physics concepts of forces and the interactions of objects on each other.



    • Pushes and pulls
    • Changes in motion
    • Collisions and ramps