• Fall Kit: Alaskan Animals

    Students examine the unique physical characteristics of animals, their basic needs, habitats, and adaptations that allow for their survival in a variety of Alaskan ecosystems. Science notebooks are used for students to record their observations and questions, allowing students to work, think, and act like scientists. In their notebooks, students make scientific (technical) drawings of their observations, collect data, and provide evidence to support their claims and new understandings.


    Fall Topics

    • Animals and their basic needs for life
    • Behaviors & Traits of Animals
    • Life Cycles
    • Animal Habitat Needs and Ecosystems
    • Alaskan Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • Spring Kit: Sound, Light, and Coding

    Students explore sound and light waves, and are introduced to computer science through coding. Students use tuning forks and create kazoos and phones to explore how sound waves travel through different mediums. Students learn about light waves by using difference light sources to create shadows and reflections. Students investigate how light and sound waves are used to communicate.


    Spring Topics

    • Sound waves and vibrations
    • Light waves
    • Communication
    • Shadows
    • Reflections
    • Unplugged coding