• Grades 6-8 ELA curriculum materials are being reviewed during Fall 2018.

    A recommendation will be brought to the School Board in February.


    6-8 Curriculum Review Process


  • Language Arts Grades 6-8


    Language Arts at the middle level, grades 6-8, is a total of 3 years (2 semesters a year) of Language Arts, to include:

    • Language Arts 6
    • Language Arts 7
    • Language Arts 8


    MTSS classes are included at each grade level in middle school.

    Tier 1: regular core with McDougal Littell and advanced/pre-AP/gifted

    Tier 2: McDougal Littell Intensified

    Tier 3: Inside C, Inside B, Language! Live


    *Course offerings vary. Please contact your child's school for more information on specific courses.

  • About MTSS


    "The Anchorage School District defines Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) as an integrated, multi-tiered system of instruction, assessment, and intervention designed to meet the academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs of ALL students.  

    The framework is a “way of doing business" which utilizes high quality evidence based instruction, and assessment practices to ensure that every student receives the appropriate level of support to be successful."