• The World Languages department prepares students linguistically and culturally to live and work harmoniously in multilingual communities at home and around the world. Use the links below to learn more about the languages and programs offered at each level.

  • Elementary Programs

    The Anchorage School District offers opportunities for students to begin study of another language in some of the elementary schools. There are 8 language immersion program schools within the district, as well as a few FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) programs offered in several charter schools. 


    Dual Language Immersion Programs

    Students are immersed for half of their day in a second language environment while continuing to learn core subjects (i.e., science, social studies). Students have a "team" of two teachers: a native or near-native speaker of the second language (immersion), and an English-speaking partner teacher.


    Schools which offer Dual Language Immersion Programs: 

    • Chugiak Elementary (Spanish)
    • College Gate (Yup'ik)
    • Government Hill Elementary (Spanish)
    • O'Malley (French)
    • Rilke Schule Charter School (German)
    • Sand Lake Elementary (Japanese)
    • Scenic Park (Mandarin Chinese)
    • Turnagain (Russian) 


    FLES Programs

    Students receive lessons in language and culture with a native or near-native speaker 1-3 times per week.

    Schools which offer FLES Programs:

    • Aquarian (Spanish) 
    • Intlet View Elementary IB School (Spanish) 
    • Winterberry (Spanish)




  • Secondary Programs

    Middle School

    Students enroll in two-year elective courses that are taught with district-adopted curriculum and materials. Students who complete the two years at middle school are prepared for high school Level II or III. Exploratory semester-long courses are offered at some schools in which students receive an introductory experience to language and culture.


    High School 

    The World Languages program offers various language options to secondary students. All high schools offer French, German, and Spanish. Japanese, Russian, and Chinese are offered at some schools.


    Middle and High School Immersion Continuation Programs

    Our elementary immersion programs continue into both middle and high school. 

    • Chugiak Elementary's Spanish Immersion program continues into Mirror Lake Middle School and Chugiak High School 
    • Government Hill Elementary's Spanish Immersion program continues into Romig Middle School and West High School 
    • Sand Lake Elementary's Japanese Immersion program continues into Mears Middle School and Dimond High School
    • Turnagain Elementary's Russian Immersion program continues into Romig Middle School and West High School
    • Rilke Schule German Immersion Charter School (K-8) has a continuation strand at Service High School
    • Scenic Park's Chinese Immersion program continues into Begich Middle School (and will eventually matriculate to Bartlett High School)
    • Our French and Yup'ik programs are still growing and have not yet reached middle school