Spirit of Tomorrow Awards

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    The Anchorage School District’s School Business Partnership is seeking nominations for this year’s Spirit of Tomorrow Awards. Awards are given to businesses, schools, educators and students for their outstanding involvement with the School Business Partnership program and their commitment to further educate and connect tomorrow’s leaders.  There are three nomination categories:

    • Educator of Tomorrow - Awarded to an educator who has demonstrated leadership in the SBP program, fostering strong partnerships.
    • Business Partner of Tomorrow - Awarded to a school and business/organization that have developed a strong relationship for the benefit of students.
    • Student of Tomorrow - Awarded to a student or student group that have shown leadership with business partners.


    Nominations can be submitted through the online nomination form or through emailing the document form.


    Online Nomination Form


    Document Nomination Form


    Award nominations submission deadline:

    Friday, March 8, 2019