Flyer Approval Process

  • Please use the form to submit your flyer for approval. Please email your pdf to with the subject line "Community Flyer Approval."



    All copies of material to be posted and / or distributed must contain a disclaimer on the front page stating: “The Anchorage School District does not endorse these materials or the viewpoints expressed in them.” 

    ASD will not print community flyers. Flyers distributed to ASD sites must be accompanied by a signed approval form

Guidelines - Community Activities

  • Promotion and Advertising


    The District does not permit any advertising, function, or activity which has a motive of profit to a private individual, firm, or corporation unless specifically approved by the Superintendent or designee. Flyers to be posted should not include monetary amounts of fees, tuition, or prizes.  That information can be included on the vendor website to which the flyer provides a link.


    Advertising placed on vending machines, athletic fields, yearbooks, newspapers, and other places in the District must have the approval of the principal after discussion with the Superintendent or designee.


    Contests, Activities and Awarding of Prizes


    Contests and activities involving participation by students or the granting of awards or prizes to students which are sponsored by outside agencies shall not be announced or permitted in schools unless approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Such activities must be judged to have significant educational value for the participants before permission may be granted.

    Community organizations may place student information in schools consistent with the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure that the learning environment is not hindered and that the safety of students and staff is not endangered. The information displayed and / or distributed must concern youth-oriented, community events and activities that may be of interest to students and their families.

    The District will not permit display or distribution of materials that:

    • materially and substantially disrupts the school;
    • contains vulgarity, lewd or obscene information;
    • depicts or promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons or illegal activities;
    • is harmful to students; or
    • denies equal participation to students and their families.

    All copies of materials to be posted and/or distributed must contain a disclaimer on the front page stating:

    “The Anchorage School District does not endorse these materials or the viewpoints expressed in them.”

    It is the responsibility of the community organization to present the material to the Communications, Publications, and External Affairs for review and approval within five working days of the date the information is to be distributed or posted in schools. Your request for approval will not be reviewed if your flyer does not comply with the requirements mentioned above.

    Each school has a designated location for display of approved community activity information. Information may be distributed at this location ONLY. You should contact the relevant school(s) to determine how materials should be packaged so that interested students may take home a copy of your information. It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION TO DISTRIBUTE THE MATERIALS TO THE SCHOOLS, IN THE MANNER DESIGNATED BY THE SCHOOL, clearly marked for the intended school, with a copy of the approval form.

    Written approval will be provided to the community organization involved in the distribution request. Community information will not be posted or distributed to schools without a copy of the written approval that the principal has received. The principal has the final approval and shall determine the method or distribution of approved items to the school.

Last Modified on January 30, 2024