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  • Building the ideal student experience

    Student learning, achievement, and lifelong success are the focus of the Anchorage School District. Within the District, families have many academic choices to meet a variety of student needs. Equitable access and opportunity are keys to building a successful learning path for each student. ASD celebrates our differences and is committed to inclusion of all our community's languages, cultures, and perspectives.


    Non-English languages spoken

    Most ASD families — 80 percent — speak English at home. The remaining 20 percent speak 110 languages.

    Top 5 languages spoken at ASD after English K-12, 2020:

    • Spanish: 1758
    • Hmong: 1203
    • Samoan: 1083
    • Filipino: 965
    • Korean: 181
  • Student diversity

    A diverse student population provides students the ability to interact with peers from many different backgrounds, expanding their knowledge of other cultures and preparing for life in a global society. Anchorage has the some of the most diverse schools in the U.S. at all levels.


    Race and ethnicity

    Minority students comprise more than 50 percent of the student population (43,500 students - Oct 2021).
    African American: 4.9%
    Alaska Native/American Indian: 8.5%
    Biracial/Multiracial: 15.9%
    Hispanic: 11.8%
    Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 18.5%
    Caucasian: 40% ‌


    Want to know more about our enrollment? Click here to see the data dashboard.

  • Increasing the Graduation Rate

    Over the last 10 years, the graduation rate for Anchorage students has increased. Offering students maximum academic choices, high school graduates enjoy personal benefits such as better job opportunities, a sense of pride, college opportunities, and higher wages. According to United Way of Anchorage, ASD's partner in 90 by 2020, our community benefits by having better overall individual health, lower criminal activity, and lower welfare receipt.

  • Demographics

    The Demographics-GIS Services section contains enrollment numbers, race and ethnicity reports, capital improvement plans and school boundary information.


    Demographics-GIS Services »


    Data Dashboard

    At the Anchorage School Board's direction, the District created a public dashboard featuring data on student academic status, attendance, on track for graduation, and behavior/discipline.


    Launch the Dashboard »

Last Modified on December 8, 2021